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    Re: Jehovah Witness Cult is Anti-Christian

    Quote Originally Posted by edmund129 View Post
    England's Scottland Yard
    LOL. Idiot.

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    Re: Jehovah Witness Cult is Anti-Christian

    Quote Originally Posted by lexx View Post
    YAH......sand is REAL BITCH!? dont know HOW we fight wars in it!? :bah: :freak3: : :
    Paradice may seem like a romantic fantasy, but technology is where the real paradice is. Technology is where man has completely conquired the natural elements to his advantage. (Example; Flush toilets, air conditioning, heating, lighting, showers, bath tubs, microwave ovens, convection ovens, etc., ...)

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    Re: Jehovah Witness Cult is Anti-Christian

    Quote Originally Posted by GHOST DOG View Post
    I've found this additional information commenting on a majority of Jehovah Witness' apparent mental issues.

    The first paragraph states that emotionally disturbed individuals tend to join the Witnesses.

    It goes on to claim that their teachings also affect the mental health of those who join.

    Read more here......

    One of the things that makes them really sick, is the fact that they can't distinguish between Worshiping someone and honoring someone, in their mind it is exactly the same, when in a matter of fact it isn't. Here is the difference;

    1) Worshiping is where someone dedicates their life to someone else regardless of how they act or how many lies they tell. Worshipping someone means molding your life around this person or thing to serve them and to always please them.

    2) Honoring is where you pay respect to a person's accomplishments and their achievements for a short period of time, then you go about your own life tending to your needs and wants. Your life is not molded around the honoring of that person, the honor is only for a specific act or accomplishment and nothing more.(example: being born, getting good grades, anniversarys, inventing something, etc., ...)


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