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    Saw this on Craigslist

    someone posted on craigslist, said they did two free offers and got a viao in 10days.....idk
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    Re: Saw this on Craigslist

    t-erms say you must do 2 offers and then 8 more that are emailed to you. i'll pass.

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    Re: Saw this on Craigslist


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    Re: Saw this on Craigslist

    BTW, watch out for referral links on craigslist. Scammers try to sneak them in without saying they are referal links to get noobs to sign up. They often use tinyurl links.

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    Re: Saw this on Craigslist

    yeah i am less trusting of craigslist peopl these days

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    Re: Saw this on Craigslist

    I want to know more about Craigslist. Please write more.

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    Re: Saw this on Craigslist

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    Re: Saw this on Craigslist

    Well...Craigslist is scam central. And this behavior seems a little out of place even for the government.

    I suspect that what is most likely going to happen is that you'll receive a follow up call or email demanding payment, (because, "we sent you a warning letter") and that payment will not go to any government agency.

    So...rule number one, don't give anything to anyone without doing all your homework. Never. Ever.

    That said, when you run any business you have to, unfortunately, play by all the rules. The last thing you want is a silly $165 license fee to turn into a collections matter, with fines and such.

    Look into it. Plan ahead. But again, be very wary of Craigslist scams.

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