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Thread: Forex Scams

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    Re: blueprintcapitalfx.com managed forex

    You guys are right, manged forex scams are frequent.

    If you are interested in the facts about private placement programs, bank instruments, forex, managed futures and other alternative investments, check out this great blog.. I thought it was worth sharing with everyone. It doesn’t even have any solicitation and there is a huge fraud protection area and a blacklist.
    Fraud Protection

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    Re: blueprintcapitalfx.com managed forex

    You guys can also get service from forex . They have good services for both newbies and professionals. Try them

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    Re: FOREX automoney-SCAM/LEGIT?

    In my point of views, experience person can earn more money than newbie. This mean there is need to get knowledge and training. Training and forex education is necessary for forex business.

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    Re: Easy-Forex

    You guys can also try them forextradingevo.com. They are good in forex.

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    Re: Market Forex LTD

    Quote Originally Posted by mxpro View Post
    Dont ever trust a forex market maker who is not register by the CFTC check first the registration of the forex broker make sure he is not register somewhere in the Caribbeans unless you looking for a vacation there
    Here is a list of forex scams by CFTC
    I agree with you.

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    Re: forex enterprises

    Quote Originally Posted by dilly10 View Post
    I never trust the tesimonials on sites, they arent going to put up bad ones are they? And it takes forever to search forums and reviews but I guess this is the only true way to find out some real fedback


    Smile and the world smiles with you
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    I agree. Testimonials are the only use to attract the user. How knows this is truth or lie.

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    Re: Forex signal service that works great 4 me, bu

    i am not here to give you advice or suggestion. I would like to ask the product name. Please pm me the address of the site. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Steinitz Expert advisor forex scam

    Thanks you all people. You saved me. They are contacting me and trying to sell me their product. Now i am definitely not taking this. Thanks

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    Re: Forex signal service that works great 4 me, bu

    Quote Originally Posted by gilroy View Post
    I would like to ask the product name. Please pm me the address of the site.
    LOL, don't you recognise "spam" when you see it?!

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    Re: Forex signal service that works great 4 me, bu

    that's why there is spam - because there are suckers that buy stuff from spammers.

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    Re: FOREX automoney-SCAM/LEGIT?

    Quote Originally Posted by latenight View Post
    I just went and looked at their site. This thing is really cheesy. There is no way in forex or any other financial market "to make thousands of dollars just by clicking ... no training or experience necessary" as the talking woman on their home page says.
    I had the Forex link sent to me by a man named Darren Gaudry...

    Who ran a program called commission robot. Check it out on scam.com and see how many people were scammed.

    From experience anything to do with Darren Gaudry is bound to be shady..

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    Re: Steinitz Expert advisor forex scam

    Quote Originally Posted by gilroy View Post
    Thanks you all people. You saved me. They are contacting me and trying to sell me their product. Now i am definitely not taking this. Thanks
    Hey Gilroy,

    If you're into Forex Robot Trading I will recommend you to check the Real Money Accounts Competition at www.forex-robots.com, there you may find a robot that suits you.


    C. Case

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    forex sites...

    Does anyone have any experience with AVA fx or AVA CFD'S...they have a great trading platform for FX AND Commodities....so before I take the plunge and send them money....

    Does anyone have any direct "real money" experience with them?

    Thanks :

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    anyone know any forex bot systems that work?

    anyone ever had any experience with any forex trading systems that work?? or at least break even?

    i'm afraid to buy any......:rotz:

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    Re: anyone know any forex bot systems that work?

    nobody can report bots that work here because that would be advertising, not allowed. everybody can report anything they paid for that doesn't work, 'cause that's a scam.

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    Re: anyone know any forex bot systems that work?

    Quote Originally Posted by artemisbrown View Post
    anyone ever had any experience with any forex trading systems that work?? or at least break even?

    i'm afraid to buy any......:rotz:
    You see, there are no forex bot systems that work. Who in the right mind would sell a system that makes you money? If any profit minded individual developed this system, he would open thousands of accounts and traded for himself. Why would you give sure profit to someone else?

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