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Thread: DFI Live

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    DFI Live

    Has anyone heard of this company (DFI Live -Coastal Travel)? Are they real?

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    Re: DFI Live

    Independently operated by MyDFILive
    System owned by Cutting Edge Media and Networx Online
    1595 South Mount Joy Street
    Elizabethtown, PA 17022
    Do you have a question? Email Us

    About Us

    This site was developed and is maintained by Cutting Edge Media and Networx Online. For more information about MyDFILive or Coastal Travel, contact the business owner who directed you to this site.

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    Re: DFI Live

    my guess - they want to sell to a website, that will be your online business. you will be supposed to be selling travel packages.

    the problem with these website things is, the internet is everywhere - ebay can be seen everywhere, works everywhere, there is no need for ebay to make a bunch of copies and let you make money selling their stuff.

    so, for this reason, an online travel selling website will be worthless - if the packages could be sold, the company could just sell the packages and not need you.

    what they are selling is the website and i guess you would be either paid or promised to be paid from anybody that you recruit.

    pyramid scheme?

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    Re: DFI Live

    Until you see that people who have worked for the site have been paid before then you need to stay away from it.

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