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    Ramada Plaza Resorts And Imperial Exposed On Tv In Seattle!! Buyer Beware!!

    Have your ever received an e-mail or phone solicitation offer for a "free" cruise? Well buyer beware b/c that "free" cruise will cost you more than you think. Connie Thompson of KOMO Channel 4 News in Seattle does a segment everyday at her tv station on products that might sound too good to be true. In the case of Ramada and Imperial (sub company) you better read the fine print before taking them up on their offer.

    Click below to see the video and news story.


    FYI: If you do sign up on their offer you better read closely b/c you are essentially giving up your rights for being on the federal DO NOT CALL LIST registry. That's right! In the fine print it says you can have telemarketers call you in the future even if you are on the FDNC.


    PS For any past or future stories on company scams and products just click on KOMO CHANNEL 4 NEWS link below.


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    Re: Ramada Plaza Resorts And Imperial Exposed On T

    Do read the fine print you will pay any taxes and fees but the rest is free and bona fide. You will see a timeshare. We did the 7 day package with cruise. We had a blast. It was the best holiday we have had bar our honeymoon in Australia.
    The ask for $398 booking fee each up front then a $99 port fee. All in all with all 7 day food cruise, gratituites, weeks rental car, accomodation it cost us ~1250 between us. That was ~$125 each extra. Not bad. I'd recommend it as long as you reserve some time for the timeshare. It IS in the fine print as long as everything else.

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    Re: Ramada Plaza Resorts And Imperial Exposed On T

    Hey Everyone,

    I was scared of this scam as well. But I wanted to piggy back on the previous post. This is not a scam. It is legitimate, and I went through the Travel Services marketing company. And they treated us extremely well. There are no hidden fees what so ever. Also they were very upfront about the required two Timeshare presentations.

    They promised us 3 additional trips in addition to the cruise, all of them panned out except a Hilton Head trip that I was told about over the phone. I never received anything in writing and it was not upheld. Also the individual who told me that he would "throw it in" to our deal was fired.

    As far as the trip went our first Timeshare tour was 6 hours. They told us it would be a total of 2 hours, but kept talking to us. So please plan accordingly. Time them as soon as you are introduced. Meaning "Hi how are you doing? You are now on the clock." They try to tell you that the time spent during breakfast, lunch, or dinner does not count but it does. Therefore, do not be a victim no matter what they tell you. You are completely allowed to time them and when your time is over they have to give you your tickets or award.

    The cruise itself was stupendous. It was not clear if this cruise was going to Nassau or Freeport, so make certain you get the location of the cruise in writing before you pay.

    The trip in Orlando was wonderful, our hotel was the best that we had seen during the entire trip.

    This talk about bed bugs you may hear on-line is also not accurate. They are very few bed bugs but if you consistently request the first floor of every hotel you are given, you will be fine (and request pool side windows for added benefit).

    We received an additional trip to Vegas and we were explained that again a Timeshare is involved. We plan to sign up right away. We had a blast and remember keep all your mailed documents, and please read them. Many people who complain about these people do not read the documentation. Also if you get nervous about, itinerary information have Travel services fax it to you. They cannot e-mail them to you but, they can fax them.

    Have fun

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