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    Very Strange....anyone ever seen this?

    This is a first for me, wondering if anyone else has ever had this happen. I just started the $2000 gift card on finance-offer.com and completed all the offers, including the 6 offers on page 2. However, my page 2 status shows that I have 8 completed offers (ie 2 extra). Now, I know I was tired when I did this, but I went back to be sure I did not accidently complete extra offers (stupid!!). The two that show as "completed" are Xhobotal and Actipril, both subsidiaries of Trimlife. I did go in and try to complete these two when I was doing the offers, but their websites both said that I had "already completed this offer before", so I closed it down and selected two others. Now, they are listed as "completed" on my status page. I received no emails nor charges on my credit card for either of these two offers.

    Very strange....too bad I didn't know this ahead of time, maybe I could have only done 4 :p Anyone else experience this?

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    Re: Very Strange....anyone ever seen this?

    cant say i have, but better to be safe than sorry. they might have DQ'ed you if they figured it out...
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    Re: Very Strange....anyone ever seen this?

    some syatem have that bug, i had it with advanced language but again i did the extra offer to cover it
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