The Pope says heaven is open to Everyone(NEW AGE Deception) is in this video :Rothschilds The Guardians of The Vaticans Treasury (Knights of Malta)

These False wars on Terror are based on 911 and they are dumping Depleted Uranium across the middle east.......
All part of an Agenda to trigger WW3 Blaming the Jews instead of masonic Rome and The Zionists , manipulate bible prophecy (Armaggeddon) , just watch John Hagee (Christian zionist / Jesuit Trained)

... and you know enough , Mc Cain , Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran etc etc
They are preparing us for something BIG and its probably a 2012 False Peace , UN One world religion Introduction?

Disarmement of USA Citizens by UN. (Bill Cooper:

The Black Pope is spreading Propaganda that he is so tired of all the wars that they created themself.....

And then we also have these Muslim brotherhood leaders who caused the middle east uprisings.............based on Jihad

.. and rising foodprices through inflation worldwide by the Criminal Federal Reserve.......

Its ALL Planned and we better keep our eyes and ears open !