Steve Burgess aka Ace Ventura talks out of his ass

Epic Environmental Services [part 1]

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Steve Burgess
General Manager

Letter to the health and safety board

My word is my bond


Before we start, if youíre not going to keep our cousin employed on this site or the other sites
when will he be paid for Monday for the 3-4 hours. We trust you will put him back on
the site, since you said you needed a lot of people and also an afternoon shift, but he
prefer days, We're sorry about the long letter, but we have to defend myself.

Our father had a business in Ottawa doing construction sites and also small homes
installing furnaces and air conditioners, there is one thing that we learned from
him and that is "your word is your bond". We worked together and if a mistake
was made and the quote was too low, the job was still done at the promised quote
regardless of the loss of money.
Not only did we help with the running of the business, but later we had our own
consulting business for 5 years.

What happened to my cousin on Monday hurt the family very much and deeply, your assistant told our cousin
apparently he didnít know what he was doing, Our cousin explained to him like he explained to
yourself, the job was an embassy dwelling, and we cleaned the basement I was there with my cousin, there were
a good dozen of us working together as a team, if you donít believe our cousin you can call
and ask the U.S embassy in Ottawa.

As for cleaning our cousin worked custodian 2 for the school board for 10 years, also worked
overnight cleaning for the university and college, and construction sites.
What happened Monday was very unfair to our cousin, your email said you would train our cousin,
you sent him home saying there was no work for him today and to call you that evening
that evening our cousin called a few times but no reply, just return email saying
"I will keep you posted"

Your assistant I take it did not our cousin; he took the other guy instead up the genie
to remove the insulation from the pipes, and told our cousin to go and clean up with the broom,
He cleaned up and started sweeping working down towards the wall, when another supervisor
gave him hell and said that someone else was already sweeping, what was our cousin to do
Then your assistant said take down the tarp in the room, he didnít even show our cousin the room
and there were several rooms, there was also a canopy outside the room, and he was not
given a hammer, and our cousin had to ask for tools to take apart the wood 2x4
Your supervisor gave him a drill, when he was removing the screws he gave our cousin shit saying not
to remove all the screws, Steve from other construction sites they sometimes ask for all
Nails to be removed so that nobody gets hurt, or they want to reuse the wood, and you gave
our cousin a meeting that morning on safety.

After our cousin finished removing the tarp and removed the screws and stacked the wood, he came and
asked what should he do next, and was told to take the wood to the box, so our cousin placed the wood
on the cart to save time to make one trip, and asked you if that was the box for the wood
it was then you sent our cousin home, saying you canít have him standing around, and to call tonight
Our cousin couldnít broom anymore because one of the supervisors gave him hell for there was already 1-2
people cleaning in that area, also no one showed our cousin the room to clean
yet you kept on the other guy with no experience, andour cousinI sent an email offering to work
double shifts and extra hours if you needed the help.
All the emails you sent because you needed our cousin, asking for ids and promising him training
your assistant didnít want to talk to our cousin, showed him nothing; he acted as if he didnít like him

Steve in your emails you sounded like a very caring boss, and we told our cousin to be more than happy
to put in a lot of long hours if necessary to help. Your assistant escorted escorted our cousin out as
if he was a criminal, saying apparently he didnít know what he was doing, and how industrial is different,
those other guys were pushing a broom and cleaning, which our cousin did for 10 years professionally for the
school board. He didnít even give our cousin a chance, itís funny he would say our cousin didnít know What
he was doing when he worked asbestos before yet he kept the guy with no experience I hope that is not what
businesses have come down and that a manís word is still his bond what happened to our cousin was called
"bait and switch" very common, where there is only work for 1 person and two are called in, and one is
sent home, this hurts the one being sent home.
Steve deep down our family believed that you needed more time to set up and that you will call our cousin back
but your email did not even say sorry, where has your previous email said
"I'm really sorry. Bad week I'll try to call you soon"
all you said was
"I will keep you posted"
not even a mention if there would be work by the end of this week, we didnít know what to think
Before our cousin left the job site he asked you if I should get new ankle high construction boots
and you told him yes; when our cousin asked your assistant he said no and wait till you hear from us
or in other words "youíre fired"; also he kept telling him that he didnít know what he was doing
when we worked asbestos before in a team environment. This supervisor deliberately wouldnít even show our cousin
which room he wanted him to do, or bring our cousin to the room normally that is what is done and to
inspect if the room was safe to work in. Also by leaving screws sticking out of 2x4 on some
sites is considered a safety hazard.

Steve all you other supervisors our cousin met and talked to on the phone sounded like really great guys
and they were really caring and happy to help him get hired on, for some reason this supervisor
at the post office, was not like the others, what did our cousin ever do to him, to say those mean things
to him when escorting him out, and why did he hate our cousin so much that he wouldnít even show him the
room to work on. This was completely out of character from the other supervisors our cousin dealt with.
When you go to work, you want to feel happy like a family, knowing that your supervisor
is there to help you and answer any questions, your email Steve said you would train our cousin
properly, you didnít say in your email that you were going to hire two people and that one was
going to be sent home, you said training, here is the email
"Okay. Well once we get you trained, I'm very picky on attention to detail and such.
Can't have mistakes working with asbestos"
Training is your supervisor bringing our cousin to the room and explaining briefly or in detail
what he wanted done, he wasnít even even shown the room or brought inside, or even told
nothing about the canopy outside the room, or that it had to be taken down. Another
supervisor from demolitions told our cousin that the canopy was also coming down, this was a job
that your supervisor had to do, and not the demolition supervisor.
Steve did you tell your supervisor about the training mentioned in the email before
he was putting our cousin down and saying how our cousin didnít know what he was doing and kept the guy with
no previous experience, did he not know that the other guy told our cousin that he never
worked with asbestos a day in his whole life, yet he worked with him and showed him what to do.
Monday was a day that promises were broken, a day when all emails showing concern
and caring turned to bitter cold and you shown our cousin the door after an hour.
It is truly sad if this is how businesses are now being run, when an honest
hard working employee like our cousin is promised training and thrown off the site not even after
an hour is this what is called training? Is this how employees are treated?
here are your caring emails about giving our cousin a job

Bring required I.D to 2303 Norris rd. Fill out form, I'll call you soon as your cleared.
If you have trouble finding The place I'll be in town tommoow evening.
Best regards,

Can you get me a colour copy of your id? I'll have someone meet you to fill out the form...

Do you also have a birth certificate or another piece of required id? If you can photo copy
I can have a guy meet you to fill out form and take stuff in for The clearance. Without the
police clearing you cant gain access to site. Also what you anticipating wage wise. Once you
have photocopies call Justin at 295 9820

Job still open

This site for asbestos is on a bus route. Jobs outside of bus route guys meet and carpool.

Let me know when you can meet

I'm really sorry. Bad week I'll try to call you soon

Okay. Well once we get you trained, I'm very picky on attention to detail and such.
Can't have mistakes working with asbestos

Yes of for now. I will know more later tomorrow.

Can you come in tomorrow?

I have a site meeting tomoroow, then we can commence work

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Part 2

Steve Burgess email reply when confronted about not telling the truth to our cousin about on the job training

For the record I have done nothing other then not knowing for you to understand
I should of put " training provided for suitable applicant" you did not do asbestos
removal in a government building, as from what you told me how you used protective
equipment, you did nothing properly and were put as extreme risk. If this was your
company, you should be in prison for such an extreme disregards to others health,
a plastic suit and dust mask is not in any way acceptable P.P.E for abatement work.
Have a good day.

Did you call the u.s embassy in Ottawa, their number is not hard to find you use a device called a phone
or cell phone which you have a cell phone which you never answer,
you then dial 411 and ask for the u.s. embassy in Ottawa or you can go on line and get the number.
They gave us plastic dusk masks with 2 filters, it was a plastic mask approved by safety standards, and
white suits with a hood to protect your head, by the way your suits had no hood so asbestos can get
into your hair or if you did have any with hoods no one was wearing it, a health and safety violation
since asbestos can get into your skin, we always wore the face mask to protect us from asbestos, on
your job site they wore it only if they felt like it, at least the embassy job site was more professional and
masks were worn at all times, and donít forget the gloves which was also provided which your company
did not provide, Steve Burgess, it seems that you are the one with no respect and disregard for
employee health, the suit was not plastic, it was safety approved one piece suit, another thing a shower
faculty was provided to ensure that all asbestos was removed before leaving the job site, how many
violations has your company broken, there are too many too count, but letís do it any way

-training not showing the job or
explaining the work needed to be done

-suits with no hood, to protect your hair form asbestos
no one was wearing the hood

-special gloves not provided to protect your hands
workers using hands to pick up asbestos garbage

-no one wearing filter mask in the working area
violation of the health and safety

-leaving large nails and screws sticking out of 2x4s
protruding nails and screws and no safety gloves provided

- workers not using plastic bags to put garbage in,
and just piling it on push carts

by the way in Ottawa the dust masks were of plastic with 2 filters one on each side, you thought they
were the paper ones used for drywall, these were safety approved masks,
Steve Burgess stop lying you didnít call the u.s embassy to even check