ENL Global, Inc. located @ 3420 Garfield Avenue in City of Commerce, CA. 90040 steals money from its' customers. ENL Global, Inc. owned by Mr. Nick Lin & his mistress Anne Leonardo fraudently and deceptively do business as a Trucking Company. They do not own one truck they subcontract all freight and cargo loads to independent subcontractors. ENL Global, Inc. gets paid directly and does not pay the subcontractor who carries the load. They have done this over 300 times and have not paid one contractor during this time. If you have been burned by ENL Global, Inc. please contact the LA District Attorney as they have an open criminal investigation against Mr. Lin, Mrs, Leonardo and ENL Global, Inc. ENL Global, Inc. is currently reorganizing and plans on changing their name so that they can start their deceptive practices all over again. Do not let that happen contact the LA District Attorney's office today.