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    This is some funny stuff!!! LOL

    Ever wonder what people really think about telemarketers? Here is a funny website that you can download audio clips from. These are REAL telemarketing calls. The people who answer the phone are just "playing" around with the agent who is selling them something. It is REALLY funny and worth listening to. Just scroll down to the near bottom of the webpage and you will see it titled "Terrorizing Telemarketers". lol When you click on the MP3 link you will have to wait about 30 seconds for the clip to download. You'll see an arrow on the bottom left hand corner of your computer screen with a little box showing you it's downloading.

    Click below and take a listen. THESE ARE NOT FAKE CALLS


    Jim Florentine is the guy from the show Crank Yankers and he has his own website making fun of people who call. Enjoy!

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    Re: This is some funny stuff!!! LOL

    My husband does this all the time. He'll waste their time for like 10 minutes and then start spewing some weird stuff at them and see how they'll react. He once asked a magazine telemarketer if they had any childporn to see if the guy would still want to sell him something.

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    Re: This is some funny stuff!!! LOL

    http://jimflorentine.com/mp3s/contradiction.mp3 OMG! TOO FREAKING FUNNy!!!!!
    =) LOL

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    Re: This is some funny stuff!!! LOL

    Good morning, I was woken up at 8:45am by a telemarketer for the FOP asking for money. While explaining we give locally in an envelope that is attached to the door, the person continued to badger. I said, "Isn't it illegal for you to be telemarketing before 9am, and he said I haven't heard it is illegal maam. Non-profits call also even though I am on the DONOTCALL list. When you give to non-profit like Breast Cancer, they call and call for more money. I am not opposed to either of these organizations. I am opposed to these phone calls that don't stop and wake up a person who worked all week on the wrong foot on a holiday weekend! Is there any way to put a stop to this?

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    Re: This is some funny stuff!!! LOL

    Dealing with telemarketers this is funny. It also reminds me that many of us need to renew our do not call.

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    Re: This is some funny stuff!!! LOL

    I listen to them and ask a couple bs questions about what they are selling, then start talking dirty to them. It's all fun and games till one of them wants to meet you. :whip: weeee:shocked:

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    Re: This is some funny stuff!!! LOL

    Oh my! Those were some funny clips. I was a telemarketer for about 2 months trying to get people to sign up for credit cards. I didn't get any full sales because you had to get their social security number for the application. People we were calling were Professionals so they know better than to give out that information. I had some luck with College credit cards. But still no sales! I'm actually nice to telemarketers when they call. Of course, I let them finish what they have to say and then tell them my mommy isn't home right now because I sound like a little kid on the phone!!!

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