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    forced placed insurance

    PNC Mortgage tried to force me to get wind insurance, I reviewed my policy, which did not requir it when I pershased it. PNC dropped the wind insurance. I refinanced with Quickenloans which did not requir wind insurance. Chase assumed Quickens loan and a year later suddenly required me to have wind insurance. I refuse and hired an attorney. The attorney did nothing and sat on my paper work for two months, while unknown to me, Chase had put my mortgage payment in a suspence account, and used the money to pay penalties and wind insurance. They charged me 3000.oo dollars for insurance, that I refused and perchased for under 300.00 here on Maui. They forced me to pay 908.00 and 1300.00 in penalties when they tried to forclose on my house. I need a good attorney and information from this foram.
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    Re: forced placed insurance

    sounds like they did what they said they would do, in the fine print, that you didn't read. you don't get to decide if you want to risk losing all of their money, they decide how much risk they are willing to take. you aren't being treated as an individual, but as a group - some people will lose the house due to wind and you have to pay your share of the loss.

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