I am a novice at affiliate marketing. I am a a licensed partner with AWSM Technologies, Inc. The AWSM ad directors are remiss in providing orientation & information on how to collect commissions from Linkshare. I am filing a criminal complaint with the Arizona attorney general regarding AWSM failure to educate AWSM consumers about Linkshare, and the fact that AWSM does not list AWSM consumers code numbers on the products. Instead, AWSM lists AWSM's code numbers on all products, because AWSM is a priority affiliate. Therefore, AWSM collects the commissions, but AWSM fails to pass the commissions on to the AWSM consumers.

This is exploitation by misusing the resources of consumers for personal or monetary benefit (embezzlement).

I inadvertently found out about Linkshare via the AWSM attorney who mentioned Linkshare in his filings with the Arbitrator.

AWSM ad directors are too involved in marketing and collecting registration fees and investments from their consumers to educate the consumers about Linkshare, merchant sites, and in particular, how to collect commissions. There are thousands of other AWSM licensed partners who don't know what to do next.

P. S.: Send this to other AWSM consumers on your email lists, and tell them to file with the AZ attorney general! Use my filing number as a cross reference to beat any "statute of limitations": -case#CIC 06-08929 AWSM Technologies- (http://www.azag.gov/consumer/complaintform.html)