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Thread: Title Fraud???

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    Title Fraud???

    I bought a used car in California from a very small dealership a couple of months ago. I have since learned that the dealership appears to be a front for a known perpetrator of motor vehicle fraud. No names yet as I am still hopeful this can be resolved amicably. This person has a history of not producing the title to California DMV after the sale. I bought the car outright 2 months ago, have a bill of sale, a temporary registration, a copy of the bank check I wrote and I have the car. CA DMV told me today that if the seller refuses to surrender the title, I would need to sue him. Are there any other options to get a car titled? Any other recourse anyone can recommend? Thanks!
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    Re: Title Fraud???

    i'm not in california, so i don't know - but find out if the state requires a license for car dealers, and if so, contact that agency, make a complaint against his license.
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