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    New England Advertising Group

    Recently I updated my resume on CareerBuilder.com and received an email from "New England Advertising Group", stating several positions available. I have attempted to research this company with little success. Would anyone be able provide insight to the legitimacy of this company?

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    Re: New England Advertising Group

    Their email site neadvertisinggroup.com points to estream.com website. I can not find other leads.

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    Re: New England Advertising Group

    New England Advertising Group is a portion of a pyramid scheme sales company called Innovage. They tell you up front that you will be making $50,000 a year, and that you can run your own company, and then drive you into the ghetto to sell flashlights and crappy digital cameras out of the back of a car for straight commission, no benefits and no expense reimbursements.

    When they call you back for your 'second interview', you have already been hired. They bring you on a "Day of Observation" to 'scare you away', but tell you that out of the "10 people they called back for a second round interview, only 2 or 3 are going to get hired". Everyone gets a job offer if they stay the entire day of observation.

    After 2 weeks, they tell you you are on "push" for "leadership" ... Leadership is not a pay raise or anything, it is just a fake light at the end of the tunnel to keep you around longer, selling more crap on the streets, working from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, going home with about $100-$150, having to front your own expenses and getting kicked out of hair salons, fast food joints, bars and auto dealerships. No matter how good or bad your performance, you make leadership to give you a morale boost to keep you around.

    I got out of there when an old italian dry cleaner owner made fun of me and said "they got you. They got you. They say, 'look at the boss. you can be him.'"

    It's a terrible situation.

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    Re: New England Advertising Group

    Let me help you all out here...

    New England Advertising Group is like a "branch" of thousands of other companies around the country. I once worked for Mile Per Hour Advertising out of Newington, CT which was basically exactlty how pastNEAGvictim described it to be. After my first week at MPH they made us little chincy nametags that said (behold) NEW ENGLAND ADVERTISING GROUP - because the "owner" of our office was moving to a new office (for which he gets to basically CHOOSE any name he pleases for) and we (the sales people at the time) would either go with him to NEAG or stay at MPH with whoever was going to become the next new Owner.

    It's a simple pyramid system.

    One person started this company, his buddy opened another small office, then they start hiring people. A percentage of your profits got to everyone above you and so on... So there is no doubt that the guy (who's name I know but cannot disclose) who started the little pyramid business is makeing $100,000+ but is it legit? I don't know.

    Let's say this - I worked there for 2 weeks - made crap money - never got a W-2 form for taxes (but I claimed it anyways to protect myself).

    Long story short. Avoid it. It's not worth the 80 hour work week - nor does it make sense or look good on a resume in the future.

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    Re: New England Advertising Group

    I Agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: New England Advertising Group

    it's pretty hard to say..

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    Re: New England Advertising Group

    why do it anyway?

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