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Thread: Leist Auto Scam

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    Leist Auto Scam

    Identified a Highlander Hybrid SUV on Cars.com, being sold by Leist Auto. Negotiated the purchase agreement with Nathan Green. After signing the purchase agreement and receiving details about delivery, wired $23,500 to the bank, but the car was never delivered. Anyone else ever dealt with Leist Auto or Nathan Green?

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    Re: Leist Auto Scam

    sorry, see if you can get it back from bank. doesn't sound like the dealer even exists.

    Leist Auto
    355 S Freedom Blvd, Provo, UT

    at that location:


    a car wash?
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    Re: Leist Auto Scam

    You've been scammed by the same group I've been tracking and reporting on for more than half a year. These guys are a multi-national fraud ring that has members in the Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Russia, Canada and the United States. Suggest call Cars.com and speak to their fraud department. They can help put you in touch with the appropriate investigative agency.

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