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    NLC Wireless - Newest Player In The Wireless Wars

    NLC International, nlcintl.com out of Houston, TX, originally started out as a mortgage, finance, and lending company called National Lending Corp. in 1999, and as of late, has been offering a "buffet" of wireless services in addition to mortgage lending, en-ergy, and discount health membership via it's "online shopping mall" among other products and services.

    There's not alot of info on it's founder Hao Nguyen, though he is available to the field reps via conference calls/webinars and such.

    It appears their MO is to offer access to a variety of wireless service providers backed by a better than industry average income potential.

    They claim to allow it's sub-dealer reps the ability to connect and reconnect cell phone service, and to also allow reps to open their own brick and mortar wireless services stores if desired.

    Their comp plan proposes a better residual income potential than the current competition in direct selling with 2X1 and 2X3 matrix on the front end and a unilevel on the backend.

    Is it dead in the water or are they on the right track?
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