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Thread: Only the truth

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    Only the truth

    Since, I begin working on the web part-time and self employed. I have been associated in Direct Marketing;Affiliate Marketing; and Network Marketing, if there is a means to earn income off your computer, I have been exposed to it.

    Have I ever made income, yes, but only two companies have ever brought me any profit that was Vector Marketing, INC and ALL SOLUTIONS NETWORK where I made close to $9.00 without any real investment except my time.

    I did experience a one time Affiliate Commission off Josh Cope's System, but as I was not advertising I believe it was through his rotators that I earned the commission.

    I have found better success dealing with real companies and working as an consultant helping them integrate online.

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    Re: Only the truth

    As I believe this information will be useful, I decided to write down what performance based companies , in other words your paid for what income you bring into the business, and sales from the team you recruit "group volume"of sales, or what in this industry is referred to as the GPV =Group Production Volume.

    I have been associated with; total investment; and total return on investment in dollar and cents, over the past three years.As you will see, some of these companies have paid as promised so can not be classified as an scam, but whether or not they can be classified as ethical or legal is determined by you.

    Carbon Cop Pro:
    Price of the Bib $450.00
    Getting website set up $8.00
    Membership dues $90.00/mo for 11 months.
    price to advertise in Yellow Pages
    as you can see quite a lot was invested
    return was nothing; not one single dollar.

    initial investment was set up by Tom Chenault, which mean I spent nothing
    but in highest integrity I have Tom, in my bill file with a $325.00 Bill the cost of what he spent.
    return , although ; I followed the plan
    my income was nothing.

    Life Plus International:
    $54.00/mo for 6 months as this is what was needed to get a commission
    one time sale for $54.00 and a total
    commission of $11.00

    Vector Marketing, Inc:
    price of start up knife set $140.00
    one time sale for $164.00
    total commission over a three month
    period $200.00[ this one is also an offline business]

    Ugility Enterprises with Josh Cope:
    initial investment of $200.00
    one time affiliate sale $200.00
    commission $10.75

    SWOM Network:
    $24.00/mo over a 6 month period
    $35.00 Commission

    $24.00 for a one month membership
    $50.00 for hosting services
    income nothing, this is based on getting people to become paid members or join the primary program you recommend.

    All Solutions Network:
    no investment as of this posting
    $8.75 Commission just for looking
    at free insurance quotes.

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    Re: Only the truth

    You figured out the secret. Work for yourself. All of those programs you paid money to didn't do a thing you couldn't have done yourself. Unfortunately you can only learn that with experience. I figured it out the same way.

    I've been working from home for a number of years and make a good income and I don't pay anyone a single dime to do it.

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    Re: Only the truth

    Hi Zaneypop, thank you , for your reply.

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    Re: Only the truth

    These days people are creating their own products and selling them rather than selling other people's product. That way all the profit that you make is all yours. I think you should consider having your own product.

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