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    Hypnosis - does it really work???

    i have come across this which claims to solve many common problems e.g stress, smoking etc. I suffer from many of these problems listed on the site. Im thinking of purchasing their cds after downloading their free ebook.

    the is www.thegoldenmind.co.uk

    let me know what you think guys

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    Re: Hypnosis - does it really work???

    I am a Certified Hypnotherapists, having attended live classes for two

    years and going back occasionally to brush up on technique.

    The classes were conducted by a Master Hypnotherapists in Dallas,

    Texas. Since you live in England information regarding her Institute and

    class schedule would be of no use to you. Otherwise I would send you

    a personal message with the information.

    It is quite a reputable Institute and I have personally known people from

    all over the U.S. and Candada that have attended. The courses began

    at the very basic level and graduate to highly advance. There are ususally

    no more than six people allowed for each class as it is a very personal

    and intensive experience. It will change your life and who you are. This

    is because a portion of the course is to bring each individual to truly

    know theirself. As, without this, one cannot genuinely be of help and

    service to others. It is really an awesome, intimate experience and the

    individuals that participate in the course together become like family,

    relations, brothers and sisters. All actual experiences and incidents

    occuring in the class is confidential and all those participating are

    directed to not divulge to others outside of the class what occurs or

    transpires. The reason for this is that some very sensitive and personal

    material is eventually and voluntarily expressed, divulged. No on is in

    a position to judge or qualify the character, personality or nature of any

    other. All are warned at the beginning in regard to these circumstances.

    Anyone unwilling to maintain confidentiality or feels like they may later

    be embarassed or regret sensitive personal material that they may

    express are giving the opportunity to gracefully withdraw from the class

    without any sort of prejudice.

    I would encourage you to seek out and attend such a "live" personal

    Hypnotheraphy course yourself. To do otherwise, you would sorely miss

    out on a great deal of real life material and a very valeuable personal

    experience in interreaccting with others.

    I can tell you this about Hypnosis: it does work, no doubt about it.

    The most highly trained, capable an experienced hynpnosis trained

    individual is NOT always sucessful with a subject, or client, from one

    case to the next.

    Some people readily "go into hypnosis", which is the proper term for the

    state. In going into hypnosis, the Conscious mind state, the one that we

    experience and use while "awake", as in not asleep, is bypassed and the

    Unconscious mind which is each of our TRULY knowing, all knowing mental

    state is accessed. The Unconscious mind is the "well-spring" of unbelievable

    and powerul knowledge. This is where mental facualities such as Instinct

    and Premonitions emerge from. Each an unfailing circumstance which will

    surface to guide one in times of where conscious knowing and reacting

    is insufficent to allow survival or surmounting otherwise very difficult

    situations and circumstances, even to the point of life threatening.

    Not everyone can be sucessfully hypnotized. Really, Hypnosis is nothing

    more than the person experienced as a Hypnotherapist facilitating, aiding

    the subject in accessing the Unconscious state of mind. This depends

    upon a matter of trust: confidence in the individual performing the

    Hypnosis as well as the subject's proper and appropriate understanding

    of their personal agenda in entering the state of Hypnosis.

    You may read books and listen to tapes and C.D.s regarding Hypnosis, but

    nothing suffices to impress and enforce upon an individual the power

    of this technique except to participate in live classes with a proven and

    adept Master Hypnotherapist and see for yourself others place in a

    state of Hypnosis, as well as yourself to have this experience.

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    Re: Hypnosis - does it really work???

    so did you FIND jesus!?hehe!!or just get hyped about communality of desire!?OR BOTH!?(is that possible!?)hehe!!just askin....

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    Re: Hypnosis - does it really work???

    Quote Originally Posted by lexx
    so did you FIND jesus!?hehe!!or just get hyped about communality of desire!?OR BOTH!?(is that possible!?)hehe!!just askin....
    Both and then several, and, then SOME. ANd if that is not enough, then

    even more than some others... Got it. Did you follow that? I'm not sure

    that I did, but, yeah, I wrote it! I will think about that overnight and get

    back with you... jus' ask'n...

    Besides. I had to leave Ronald's: "A question for dechristie" thread before

    I became really twisted like he seems to be! :D :rolleyes:

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