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    Global Exchange Travel


    Has anyone heard of this organization? They say they aren't a time share, but a travel network. I don't think it is a mlm, but not sure.

    You have to sit through a 90 min presentation, but even if you don't buy their high pressure selling, you get a free vacation, including airfare to Hawaii or Las Vegas.

    Is this a reputable company??

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    Re: Global Exchange Travel

    its like the remax "meetings". you sit through a spiel, and have no obligation. they then give you a voucher, which must be redeemed like in the next 30 days for the "Free flight". I've been to one for remax and got a voucher that had tobe used in like the next 14 days to get a free trip to Vegas. Of cousre, I couldn't since 1) 2 weeks notice to my boss for a vacation is highly unlikely and 2) i didn't have $$$ to travel.

    Luckily, the person who was supposed to hold that "spiel" was sick and they just gave us the vouchers for showing up.

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