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    Auto Body/Detail - Orange County, Ca

    Just want to give a heads up to people who use the self service car washes. There is a group offering body work and detailing services. The autobody work is usually $200 but will negotiate slower price to get you on the hook. The catch is that there will be a pastle like compound put over the work area and you are instructed to remove in two weeks to find nothing was done. The detail scam is $100 to remove all scratches from your vehicle but will do it for as little as $20. They will wipe down your car with a oil based fluid telling you to leave it on for 24 hours and that it will wash off leaving you a mirror finish. The fact is that they are using a fluid similar to brake fluid and will permanetely stain the paint.

    The suspects work as a group or family. And use the rouse that they work or own a body shop called dent masters and will even give you refferences. They have even said the needed money for gas to get to the hospital for a dying relative. They come in a car load with an elderly couple and young children or just two men.

    When victims refuse to pay or ask too many questions the suspects will try to strong ARM the payment.

    The primary uses the name Steve and they are usually driving a newer model Ford F-150 crew cab green, black or white in color.

    The suspects are middle Eastern descent but try to pass off as Hispanic. The suspects were working North Anaheim today at a car wash located on the southwest corner of Gilbert and Ball.


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    Re: Auto Body/Detail - Orange County, Ca

    Yup that was me! Got scam in that ABC supermarket parking lot. I got a pick of their car plate. Should I post it?

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    Re: Auto Body/Detail - Orange County, Ca

    scamhater1111 - Can you please post the pic? I'm wondering if I got scammed from the same people. My aunt is a PI and I want to track them down.

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