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Thread: The Energy Wars

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    The Energy Wars

    With this supposed deregulation of energy, there are now a buttload of MLM companies offering energy like ACN, 5 Linx, Invado, Momentis, etc.

    Who's better?

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    Re: The Energy Wars

    I think Starion is. They have very competitive rates, they pay good commissions on personal sales, and are only $39 a year which is much better than the $458 companies like Ambit try to get out of you.

    I am not part of Starion. I'm just pointing out that it's probably the best deal out there.

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    Re: The Energy Wars

    Well seeing that Ambit offers ONLY energy and the sign up is $458 and they only pay I think, $.50 per residential account and $1.00 per commercial account, Id say you might as well go with ACN, $499 signup and most of the time they have a start up bonus to get your money back and some, $150 per year renewal fee but you are able to offer Top name providers with Every service except trash and water, so while you are getting the customer for Energy at 5% of the bill vs. $.50, you might as well get paid 10% on the other bills that they are already paying while you are at it. Lets say the average Electric bill is $200, you can get paid $.50 on that $200 bill or $10.00 on that $200 bill... no comparison. Now imagine if you got Wrigley Field!! 5% on that bill, wow, unfortunately its already taken BUT there are plenty more commercial accounts available!

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