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    Steve Jobs FBI File

    Looks like there was an FBI file on the late great Apple founder Steve Jobs. The details just got released today.

    Was he given cancer by the government? :cwm14:
    Was Apple using stolen government alien technology for the iPhones?

    We will never know the truth. But the details on the FBI file are as follows:
    1. Basic biographical information, interviews with friends and associates, and a check of his legal and financial record.
    2. His neighbors loved him. They went door to door to his neighborhood, and he was "quiet and unassuming".
    3. “[Jobs] has no close relatives residing in communist-controlled countries,” says the FBI dossier at one point.
    4. The file talked about his drug use as a kid. All said that they’d never seen him drink to excess or use drugs, but that he freely talked about experimenting with marijuana, LSD, and so forth when he was young. “It was the era,” said one interviewee.
    5. He kinda was a dead beat dad initially with his first daughter out of wedlock.
    6. He was the victim of a bomb threat.
    7. Tendancy to distort the truth.
    8. 2.65 Grade Point Average.
    9. By the way, the bottom line is that the FBI turned up nothing that kept Jobs from serving the US government. According to the Associated Press, Jobs did serve on the export council during the first Bush administration.
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