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    africmovies.com is afraudulent website

    This seller is a thief and a criminal. He sell fake dvds . I bought $600 dollars dvd from him all fake and freezing . fake theif
    You sold me some fake burned dvds and since then you have ignored me. First of all you shipped it late I ordered movies over 600 dollars and I received fake freezing dvds from you and now you are are ignoring me. Are you a criminal or fraudulent person. you are a dubious person and you do not deserve to a have a business. Cause you behave almost like an animal without any training.in the history of my Purchasing stuff on line I never met a criminal like you simple stole my money.how can you ignore a customer for 2 weeks without responding their email
    You seem not to care for your customers. No where in your website where you decent enough to specify that this movies are copied dvds and they are freezing . this is pure deceit
    hello dear, i ordered a bunch of _ movies from you. am a nurse and i sell these movies _ at my work place. i ordered one copy of each cause i have _ very few customers . i purchased it at that price so i could _ sell for at least 4.99 each. i took couple of it to my work _ and they said that they can only afford to _ pay $3.00 for each. i was wondering if you could could sell _ it to me at $2.00 each and refund me the balance of my _ money. or if you want i could return the whole shipment on _ monday for my full refund. i wanted to contact paypal and my _ bank but i do not want to do it before trying to resolve the _ issues with you first

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    Re: africmovies.com is afraudulent website

    Africmovies.com is not a scam website, i have been a customer of theirs since 2005 with no issues. Reading this, sounds like this customer is actually trying to scam them by demanding the cut price for her after she placed and got her order in other to make profits. Did you email them for wholesale price before placing your order? If you did you wouldn't be so sore right now going around posting such fake threads trying to harm an honest website for your own greediness.
    Secondly, reading this shows what a dishonest liar that you are, you claimed everything bad about them yet want them to sell them to you for $2 each because your customers can only afford to pay $3 each. You sound like a scammer SMH you are the scammer and a liar, this post should be removed!

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    Re: africmovies.com is afraudulent website

    you are the owner of the website africmovies.com. you are scared of what people are saying about you. allow real people to respond to this. this is not meant for the owner of africmovies.com to respond. provide your phone number so we can call and verify theif. this is meant for real customers you have sold your fake DVDs to.
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    Re: africmovies.com is afraudulent website

    you are so stupid.what a stupid response. do you think every one will not know that you are the owner of the website with your kind of response. give real people a chance to let other people know how fake you are. This guy only sales fake and freezing DVDs. not supposed to be selling any thing in this united states of America. Theif.
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    Re: africmovies.com is afraudulent website

    A friend is a loving companion at all times.

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