I've owned a Carcano now for 20 years and when I was once a stupid, ignorant conspiracy moron, I had to have a like rifle scope and mount like Oswald did....oh I'm sorry I meant to say "Like that government patsy did!"

It was only a year ago, as I started to doubt the wild haired notions of the conspiracy movement that I realized something I had overlooked about Oswald's scope mounting...

The iron sites of the rifle were free and clear.

It is absolute fact that Lee Oswald tried to kill retired Army General Walter Walker at his home before he shot JFK. He tried to shoot Walker at night through his Kitchen window and from a distance.

The rifle scope was the only logical aiming choice that Oswald had that night to try and ensure a kill shot on Walker. Good thing for Walker that Oswald wasn't an expert with scoped rifles.

Bad thing though for John kennedy that Oswald was a qualified Marine marksman with iron sites.

Oswald qualified on the range with the M1A1 Magazine fed Gurand. This and the fact that he'd been shooting rifles since he was 8 years old. So he was well verse in traditional site and barrel alignment.

The scope he had on his Carcano was abysmally difficult to use, even in trying to dry align it to moving targets I found putting it where I desired and still maintaining good site picture was at best impossible.

But the iron sites are easy and to a trained Marine who understands how to lead and follow a target, putting out three good shots in 12 seconds would not have been difficult.

Bullet A: From where witnesses placed JFK's car at the moment of shot one, Oswald used the iron sites to try and hit Kennedy in front of the TSBD. The traffic light caught the round as the President's car passed below it. This round deflected into the left hand curb of Elm street where it shattered into fragments which struck James Tauge near the tripple underpass.

Bullet B: Oswald sited on Kennedy's head with the iron sites and fired. The bullet wounded both Kennedy and Connally.

Bullet C: Oswald iron sited just above and ahead of JFK's head and blew him away with a good head shot.

I say Oswald never used the scope on November 22nd, that combined with the stupid, self-glorifying,politically drunk nature of John F Kennedy who couldn't escape because of a restrictive back brace that kept him upright in his seat and you have no conspiracy.

Case closed.