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Thread: Ambit - Scam?

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    Ambit - Scam?

    I am always being solicited by reps to join. Does anyone have any information on this company beyond the rep. talking points?

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    Re: Ambit - Scam?

    I went to watch a couple youtube videos on fox news about the company, I think if they are on any popular news channel it should be legitimate business when they did the research for you already.

    Also on the their abitenergy. com site, just click the "About" sections and also "News" about them you will see all the publications of the company.

    I would suggest, getting with the person you spoke to for more information...or joining a support group like feedback
    atleast to keep you motivated and marketing it correctly like in any business venture in a team environment....Is always great to be with those in common...Not unless you don't need a team, that's a personal decision. Personally for me I like them.

    Get involved without diving in until your ready to join it with a plan of attack.

    Happy hunting 2012, make it the best, Good luck!

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    Re: Ambit - Scam?

    They were the Top Privately Held Company in 2010. Inc 500.
    Great Company.

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    Re: Ambit - Scam?

    Doing your diligent research and plan after you consider.

    Connect with those on FB is a start or groups somewhere on the web (forums).

    or friending them on more feedback.
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