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    A Current US Education?

    I found this video shocking, to say the least.

    They aren't teaching our children to LEARN, anymore. They're teaching them to pass tests which the kids immediately forget after doing them.

    Lunch Scholars from The Olympus on Vimeo.


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    Re: A Current US Education?

    Yes, it's called "No Child Left Behind".

    What a joke.
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    Re: A Current US Education?

    Despite that I'm going for a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, I have a fellowship where I work with elementary school kids at low-performing schools to help them learn science (it's so great getting them excited!).

    Many schools, especially the poor-performing ones that get severely affected by NCLB, are forced to "teach to the test" so that the teachers can keep their jobs, which is one thing I'm trying to help - showing teachers that they can teach in better ways than simply following a bland curriculum. However there are still issues - for example, the state of Virginia has what they call the "SOLs" - "Standards of Learning," which refers to the curriculum and the yearly tests the students take. However, while math and language arts (the two focuses of NCLB) are tested each year, science is only tested in certain grades (3rd, 5th, 8th, and 10th, I believe). So, if a 4th grade teacher is worried about her kids (many of which have a poor grasp of written English) passing the SOLs, she may take most of her scheduled "science" time and devote it to math or language arts. Maybe science is only taught one class a week - after all, the science SOLs aren't this year! As you can imagine, this can lead to 5th graders who have learned almost no science for an entire year, and haven't built the basis for their future knowledge. (The school I assist doesn't seem to do this as much, much to my delight.)

    There's a lot going on to try and fix the system, to find a way to assess progress while encouraging learning. Unfortunately, the media often misrepresents things. It's a shame, really.

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    Re: A Current US Education?

    Yeah, modern education sucks like vacuum cleaner. Some people try to educate themselfs using different services or reading books. But I don'nt think that could solve the problem at all. We need to change state mind if we want to have better future.

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    Re: A Current US Education?

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