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    Drive Movie Review


    Drive sucked. My buddy came over with this DVD from redbox and it was as painful as siting in a dentist chair for 2 hrs.

    Ryan Gosling, the Canadian Brad Pitt starred in this movie where as a parttime Hollywood stunt driver, he is the driver for bank robberies, or other assorted crime.

    Sounds good right? NOOOOOO.

    It was 25 minutes between action scenes, he barely talked, acted like an art film with the never ending music montages, and it was borderline gay.

    Don't be fooled by this trailer....trust me these are the ONLY good parts in the whole movie:

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    Re: Drive Movie Review

    I liked the movie. For some reason I really like Albert Brooks' character and some of his lines. Kind of an off-beat role for Gosling, which was refreshing.

    I agree that some of the artistic elements of the movie came off as a bit contrived.
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