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    Eastman Kodak Lawsuit

    Eastman Kodak Company's stock has been on a terrible slide over the past 12 days going from $4.22 to 35 cents. A decade ago it was at $31.00.

    The city of Rochester is hurting now. I feel bad for the employees working and living in fear with bankrupcy looming day to day.

    Now there is a lawsuit saying that executives let retirement funds dwindle.

    Last friday in the District for the Western District of NY, seeks an order forcing the defendants including CEO Antonio Perez to personally make up the losses from investments in Kodak Stock.

    Kodak says the lawsuit holds no water.
    They are quoted as saying "We intend to defend vigorously" against the lawsuit.

    This is what I do know. Kodak rules! They bounce back. They always do. The employees are hardworking great Americans. Let say a prayer for them and their families. BUY THE STOCK. BUY IT UP.....it's super cheap. Invest in the USA!
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    Re: Eastman Kodak Lawsuit

    kodak is in bankruptcy. i don't think you can file separate lawsuit when the company is already under protection of the court.


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