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    Saddleback Women's Medical Group in Laguna Hills C

    Pure greed, and no respect for the health or well being of their patients. I went to Saddleback Women's Medical Group in Laguna Hills CA and Dr. Julie Kim, as a patient dealing with serious medical issues, and depending on them to help. They are clearly more concerned with sales volume, as a normal visit will result in waiting 1 hour plus, while they are processing patients like cattle. Dr. Julie Kim performed an invasive surgery on me, and forgot to provide the normal prescriptions. When the anesthesiologist, asked about the prescriptions, Dr. Julie Kim made up a fictional story about how she doesn’t provide prescriptions for this type of procedure . The anesthesiologist was visibly confused by Dr. Kim’s statement. The procedure left me dealing with unusual pain and suffering. I called Saddleback Women's Medical Group several times requesting help from Dr. Kim, who never returned my calls. Since Saddleback Women's Medical Group and Dr. Julie Kim ignored me, letting me suffer (presumably so they could make more money processing more patients), I’ve visited several doctors who are appalled that prescriptions were not prepared before the procedure. My new doctors are very caring, and unfortunately limited at this time by Saddleback Women's Medical Group and Dr. Kim refusing to release my records. I’ve called several times. The “bouncers” employed Saddleback Women's Medical Group and Dr. Julie Kim are trained to intimidate and anger patients. The last time I called, requesting medical records, I was told by Jennifer (who I’ve spoken with several times at Saddleback Women's Medical Group), that “by law we can wait two weeks to send your records, and we are going to wait as long as possible”. Finally, after all of these issues, I found out that Saddleback Women's Medical Group charged my insurance company for procedures that never occurred. Saddleback Women's Medical Group does not care about you. They only care about your money, and processing as many billable patients as they can fit in the room at any one time.

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    that's a really good post. Thanks for share.

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