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    Refund Processing Department Scam?

    First time posting here:

    My mom received a letter addressed to me from a "Refund Processing Department" (no other company specified further than that) stating that I had an uncashed check from my "previous telecommunications provider" (it doesn't say anything more than that). The letter states that I should notify them of my current address (with a signature) or they will surrender the funds to the state of last known residence. The amount they are saying I will get is very little (less than $50) so I'm not sure if this is a scam or not.

    I'm thinking it's a scam for a few reasons:
    1) It doesn't state which "telecommunications" company.
    2) It doesn't state which company they are so how did they get my money?
    3) It warns me that "The recovery process may be lengthy" if I don't send the letter back and I "must respond to prevent [my] funds from being turned over" to the state. Why are they so worried about my money being sent to the state when it's one less thing for them to worry about?
    4) It wants my signature.
    5) Why didn't they just send the check and if it wasn't cashed, send it to the state?
    6) When I google the number (an 866 number) and address (a P.O. Box in College Station, TX), it doesn't give me any hits for a "Refund Processing Department" anywhere. I get one random hit for someone trying to sell auto parts on a website with the number and a website for something related to another scam that doesn't sound like mine.

    Anyone ever see anything like this? I'm inclined to just let it go and get the money from the state rather than send these people my current address and my signature.

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    Re: Refund Processing Department Scam?

    doesn't sound good. if they sent you mail, they have your address. no company is going to worry much about unclaimed refunds of less than $50.

    read all the fine print to see if it says something about who they really are. you can ask your postmaster to investigate them for mail fraud, because they are using the mail.

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    Re: Refund Processing Department Scam?

    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. My mom scanned me the letter (we live in different states so I can't physically see it) so I don't see any real fine print. All it says is "Refund Processing Department", the P.O. Box Address, and an 866 number.

    I will look into the mail fraud thing. Thanks!

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    Re: Refund Processing Department Scam?

    could be a collection agency trick? they know you won't respond to an effort to collect money, but might respond with your current contact info if you think you are getting money.

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