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    Freshwater Sharks: no not the fake things!!!

    after doing a little research, i have found out that there are such
    things as legitimate freshwater sharks. everyone here should know that
    certain species of shark, like the Bull Shark, can travel up to
    freshwater, but they are marine fish that have to return to the ocean
    at some point. these true freshwater (or brackish) sharks are refered
    to as River Sharks. as far as scientists can tell; they spend their
    entire lives in rivers and estuaries. its been theorized that, like
    freshwater stingrays, they cannot live in a marine environment.
    currently six species are identified, all of them are EXTREMELY rare.
    up until recently many people thought that these river sharks were
    actually Bull Sharks, because they have very similar appearances. this
    is, infact a bad thing; the freshwater shark being so similar to a
    bull shark must be very large and probably dangerous. they have,
    however, found out that these river sharks can survive in a low oxygen
    environment, as Bull Sharks cannot. this probably helps avoid bull
    sharks predating on the river sharks. based on the sharks jaw
    structure; its main food source is probably small fish.
    the most common and well known species of river shark is the Ganges
    Shark. if you couldnt tell, it lives in the Ganges River. more Ganges
    Shark specimens have been found than any other river shark; and even
    at that its only known from a few specimens.
    all the river sharks are classified as extremely endangered, meaning
    (much to my dismay) you cant expect to see one at PetsMart anytime soon.
    however, with the sciences and technology we have today; maybe they
    can be captive bred. if this happens and is done to a large enough
    extend, you just may see a shark for sale swimming around in what
    would otherwise be a stingray tank (i cant imagine stingrays and
    sharks mixing that well).
    who knows? i just want one before my lifespan comes to a crashing end lol.

    does anyone really know anything about these species? and if there are any plans for captive care/breeding?

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    Re: Freshwater Sharks: no not the fake things!!!

    Yeah, I saw a freshwater shark once... it had a frickin' laser beam on its head.

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    Re: Freshwater Sharks: no not the fake things!!!

    Lake Nicuragua...
    Ganges River...

    It has been reported... or at least I've read about it somewhere, that Bull sharks have been observed as far up the Mississippi River as St. Louis.

    As I recall the Bull shark is extremely strong and aggressive. It is ranked as the number 1 perpetrator of attacks on humans.

    I found some usefull information here
    The bull shark is common in the coastal areas of warm oceans, in rivers and lakes, and in both salt and fresh water. In the Atlantic it is found from Massachusetts to Southern Brazil and from Morocco to Angola. In the Indian Ocean it is found from South Africa to Kenya, India, Vietnam to Australia. In the Pacific Ocean, it can be found from Baja California to Ecuador. The shark is found in the central Amazon River, and has been recorded as far up the Mississippi River as Illinois. It is also found in the fresh water Lake Nicaragua and the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers of West Bengal and Assam in eastern India and adjoining Bangladesh. It is found to a depth of 150 meters, but does not usually swim deeper than 30 meters
    More information on the River Shark is here...

    I've always had a fascination with sharks...

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    Re: Freshwater Sharks: no not the fake things!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by yossarian
    Yeah, I saw a freshwater shark once... it had a frickin' laser beam on its head.
    Are you trying to tell me you once saw frickin' sharks with frickin' lasers attached to their frickin' heads?!

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