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    Beware of Analyst pushing EBay.

    EBay, Customer Satisfaction, and market performance:

    The “analyst” hawking EBAY may want to read an excellent paper published in the Journal of Marketing Vol. 70 (January 2006) authored by Fornell, Mithas, Morgeson, and Krishnan: titled "Customer Satisfaction and Stock Prices: High Returns, Low Risk" (the link is to a “.pdf” version). Last year EBay held a relatively good customer satisfaction rating. This year, I suspect a significant drop in customer satisfaction coupled with other market forces will keep EBay well away from their 52 week high and relatively close to their low. To get an indication of the depth of customer consternation with EBay, type the following into a Google search bar "Beware of EBay and Paypal" or visit www.themwed.org and click the banner on the right of the page. Then for contrast do another search on “Beware of IBM” , and compare the results. Lou Gershner turned IBM on two points: cost control and customer satisfaction.

    Toward the end of Fornell’s paper is a graph (figure 5) displaying the performance of a portfolio based primarily on “customer satisfaction”. The results given are relative to the performance of the S&P and DJIA. Their findings are stunning.

    EBay’s year to date performance relative to the S&P 500 is here.

    What is the point of this? Simple, Google is not EBay’s only problem. Until EBay openly and honestly addresses the issues of their dis-satisfied customers, their stock will likely continue as an under performer. Furthermore, their clients will continue to defect, like “Network Solutions” who no longer displays PayPal on their website.

    Below are two of many examples.

    “MSN Money Home>Message Boards>EBAYQuick links

    “If you are considering Ebay stock then go here to see how they treat their vendors as 2nd class citizens”

    Posted by LosingMyBusiness2China on 07/24/06 11:56 PM

    This is the pulse of the selling community. In it you'll see just how Greedbay or FEEbay devalues individual business owners. Since the announcement on July 19th, it has turned peoples lives upside down causing them to scramble to save their businesses. I don't think people realize just how patronizing and demeaning this company is to force sellers to pay higher fees while other sites get a free ride. To basically create this havoc while American jobs have to close because they cannot compete with China. Sometimes making money is not as important when it comes to the devastation of up to half a million stores globally

    No one hears me or other ebayers. We are just crybabies. Crybabies that work very hard despite search manipulations and customer service that is worse than Dell's”

    The following is from Seeking Alpha:

    Postcards 4Salehttp://internet.seekingalpha.com/article/14462" \l "comment-55797#comment-55797 wrote on Tue Aug 1st @ 6:06 pm
    If the quantity of listings is the main indicator of strong growth, then eBay is more than happy to manipulate those figures for you. All it takes is a bit of 'selling strategy', coupled with what is already in place.
    The entire Pacific Rim eBay community enjoys "NO Fee" Stores and Listings. That is NO FEE for what on every other site, requires considerable expense. To be fair, those Fee-Free Asian sites do pay a Final Value Fee (FVF), but don't expect that to bring in much revenue.
    You see, those industrious sellers know how to manipulate their own financial gain! All it takes is to sell the item for 1-cent and charge a high shipping cost. The FVF is charged to only the selling price, not to the shipping cost. So, just what is the FVF on 1-cent? $0.01 X 0.05 = $0.00
    Oh, a few side benefits of this type of "Market Flood" is that American buyers are duped, ebay.com is saturated with cheap goods and those Listing Quantities look GREAT!
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    Re: Beware of Analyst pushing EBay.

    I wouldn't trust ebay if you gave me every stock in an consumers investment portfolio.

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