Hello good people out there,

Lately I've posted a project title and description in this website : seekinvestors.biz hoping to attract some angel investor to invest in my project. after 1 day I recieved an email from this guy "His Highness Al Sayyid Asa'ad bin Tariq Al Said" email : sayyidasaadalsaid@gmail.com . He claimed he is interested in my project and he wants more details.
after investigating the name I found out that this guy supposed to be the cousin of the Sultan of Oman and I was told that its impossible for a man like him to contact you directly for any business.
So I asked the sender to provide me with contact number and he gave me a number that is not even valid.
I even asked him to have a video conference to verify his Identity and the guy simply vanished and never replied back. I'm just wondering if the website I provided is also a fraud or not. But anyway beware of both.

hope my post helps some other people out there.