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    Beware of 9 Johnson Ave Hampton Beach, NH

    Recent New York couple (Mancini) bought property 9 Johnson Ave :( to rent out, scammed me with pictures on the internet, huge living room with big tv, big bedroom with double bed nice...Well what i got was a saltbox and when we opened the door there was no living room! the bedrooms were so small you had to sit on the bed to make it i lost my diamond when my ring hit the wall, never found it either...the bed was literally broken see pic...carpets filthy, window and screens broken, electrical outlets sparking, fridge wouldn't close, a/c unit broken, ants, no bathroom safety fell in shower, cottage across from biker bar, i'm filing a small claim against them and they are countersuing me, that's a joke eh? Recent tv show about online scams...well this is it! Spent two days cleaning place for children, then found another place and had to shell out more money for that...horrible experience! I got very ill from the cleaning chemicals and i was sick the whole vacation.

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    Re: Beware of 9 Johnson Ave Hampton Beach, NH

    I have actually been to Hampton Beach a few times. I am always appalled at the condition of much beachfront property anywhere in America!

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