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Thread: bidz.com

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    Re: bidz.com

    Quote Originally Posted by breeze View Post
    The thing that make me doubt bidz.com is their certificate of authenticity why I hear you ask,well, how can a company claim they have an authenticity zeal but they don't know where the item is made,every time I want to buy from them I have to ask about the item originality where it was made as I am not a fan of "chinese make" once I bought a watch from them but when it got here it's written on the watch made in china when I email them about it they said some parts of some items are made in china but assemble somewhere else,then another time I ask about another watch they said it's made in Italy and provided the company which is in Seattle and after almost a whole day of research I found out the company in Seattle actually import from china. The moral of my comment is"Seal of authenticity means you know every thing A_Z about what you are selling and 200% sure it is not counterfeit which is another thing they assured me they make sure their items are all original but they don't know where they are made so how they know it is original???.:nervouss:
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for your feedback and we apologize you were not satisfied. We would like to take this opportunity to explain what certificate of authenticity means. Bidz.com guarantees the authenticity of the brand and material the item is made of. The manufacturer for that brand might have factories all over the world including China therefore some parts could be made in China. When you purchase a jewelry piece from us and buy the gem and jewelry report the item is sent to gemological laboratory where the item is inspected and the report is issued that the items materials are as described. The gem and jewelry report is especially useful for customers that resell our merchandise. If you have any questions regarding this post or any other issue you might have please contact us at [email protected] and we will be pleased to assist you.

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    Re: bidz.com

    Quote Originally Posted by Garthmom View Post
    I have never reported anything negative about any business as of yet but I recently found out about the bidz site and started to bid on items. Things seemed to be too good to be true very quickly. the first day i was on i bid on a ring this was two weeks ago, i won the bid and paid for my item. the amount was deducted from my credit card with in 1 hr however I am still waiting for my ring to arrive. two days after winning my first bid i thought i would go on to find a gift for a friends birthday, i found a braclet that was "retail" of $889. I bid for 3hrs to win this braclet and i won the bid at $61 however i didn't win the item becasue the seller didn't like the winning bid price so they sent me an offer to buy the braclet that i spent 3 hours bidding on for three times my winning bid. I called a CSR and asked to have this explained, i could barley understand her and from what i did get they offered the braclet to me and the other bidder at the esculated price tag and the first to buy would be the first to recive it. I don't understand this... if you have a set min price on an item then the starting bid should be that price so it would only go up but it was very frustrating to bid that long and end up with nothing. later i found another item that i liked and once agian bid on it hoping not to repete that last bidding and it is supposed to be a one of a kind peice of art, being an artist i appericate this kind of thing so i bid and bid for over and hour to win the item. I was pleased with my winning peice if the estimated retail is correct and the authenticity is true. i paid and once agian was charged almost instently on my card and once agian I am still waiting for my item. according to the site the second was shipped out two days after the first but the fedex site says it was the same day only a few days ago. I don't like being lied to or "mislead" and I feel that this site has a way of wording things so you don't know you are going to be screwed around but you think you are getting a deal. I have kept all correspondence with bidz and if my items are not as they are advertised to be I will be talking to a lawyer!
    I will post a final opinion when i actually recive my items that are expected to be here in another week. not very happy now......:madgo:
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you very much for providing feedback about your order and we apologize you were not satisfied. We would like to take this opportunity to address the issues mentioned in your post. The bracelet you bid on had a minimum reserve price which means if the reserve is not met we would not be selling the item. We have two kinds of auctions: Reserve price auctions and $1 No Reserve auctions. Reserve price auctions will have an indicator of reserve price not met under status. As soon as the reserve is met it will indicate reserve off and then it is sold to whoever bids the highest. $1 No Reserve price auctions have no reserve. The person who bids the highest-wins without meeting a certain bid amount. We also recently introduced a whole new $1 no reserve price section on our website for customers that are interested in auctions that have no reserve. Secondly, time frame for processing orders may vary due to the shipping method you chose. I would like to look into this for you so please provide me with the order details ( sales order number ) and I will be more than happy to provide you detailed processing steps your order went through. Email address where you can provide the information is: [email protected].

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    Re: bidz.com

    Quote Originally Posted by tassiegirl View Post
    Well true to everyone words Bidz is a scam. Unfortunately I did not look at these forums until I had purchased a considerable of products from them.
    I received five boxes today and I am absoluted disgusted in the quality of the rings and no I did not pay $50.00 or bid on items of low value. i purchased a $16000 ring and a heap of rings priced from 1500 to 6000.
    They are all junk the silver is definitely not 14K and looks like it has been sprayed with a chrome finish. You could buy this quality at Walmart or even a $2 shop. I have paid up to $600 and even more for these rings.
    Does anyone know how I go about contacting the authorities about this. I live in Australia and can not understand how this company is allowed to get away with this.
    I am going to lose heaps of money if I can get my money back and by the way this is how they make their money even if you return goods as you can get money back on the Jewellery reports and the shipping and also their stupid buyers fee.
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for your feedback and we apologize we were not able to fulfill your expectations. All of our items are guaranteed to be as described but if you purchased an item from us that is damaged or simply you dont like the way it looks or feels on you, we guarantee 100% refund within 30 days. We have no restocking fee and no penalties like the other auction websites may charge. Also, if the item is over $1000 we send FedEx to your house to pick up the return and save you the trouble of going to the post office. If you would like to contact us regarding this post or any other issue you may do so at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist you

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    Re: bidz.com

    Quote Originally Posted by champton View Post
    I thought I had found a fun site to buy jewelry from. I had a bad experience with winning but not really winning an auction. I received a "second chance" offer for twice the amount that I had "won" with. I just received my first purchase and will not be buying anything else. The old adage is true. If it seems to good to be true: it is.

    Dear Customer,
    We apologize that you were not satisfied with the experience shopping on our website. We would like to clarify the misunderstanding. When you participate in a reserve price auction and if the reserve price is not met, you will receive an offer from us inviting you to purchase the item for the reserve price. We place the item in your shopping cart under the Special Offers section. You are not obligated to accept the offer and there is a remove offer button next to the item that you can use to delete the item from your shopping cart. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this post or any other issue you might have, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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    Re: bidz.com

    Quote Originally Posted by zeddy View Post
    I AM WITH YOU EXCELLENT. I DON'T BELIEVE YOU SHAWN17 and don't believe any single positive review of bidz.com from anyone here. Any positive review here from anyone claiming to be from Australia send me an email as I DO NOT believe any of you.

    I bought a whole bunch of stuff totally over $1500 from Bidz.com in 2008 and was slugged huge customs tax from the Aussie gov on top. When the stuff arrived at my door I was so excited when I was opening it. My excitement turned to shock and horror when I opened the box and examined the items. They looked and felt like the plastic jewellery from a bubble gum machine. The gold spray has already rubbed off some of the plastic and I was able to scratch the so called stones ranging from what was supposed to be diamonds to garnets etc with a fork as it was all coloured plastic. I was so enraged and had never been duped like this before and couldn't believe that the US government had not shut them down. I had bought about 10 items and one of them was a gift for my mother's birthday . There was no way I could give it to her. The items didn't even come close to the costume jewellery that I buy all over the world as that it is made of metal and gems and the bidz stuff was all plastic. The bidz stuff came wrapped in plastic and small cleap cardboard filthy boxes that were torn. It looked like the items sat with thousands of others exactly the same in the bidz warehouse and the workers go around taking one from each box to fill the order. It looked like mass produce plastic toy jewellery from China.

    I didn't wait to get stuffed around with the bullshit return policy from bidz. After confirming with a jeweller that it was plastic junk I ran down to Australia Post and returned the lot with international registred post tracking at the cost of $52. I then sent bidz and email telling them what I had done ( sent the crap back) and contacted paypal and australian customs trying to get my money back. I knew I was going to lose hundreds of dollars anyway but was trying to get back what I could . Australian customs told me that bidz.com are fraudsters and that they get phone calls from people like me who had been ripped off by bidz .com complaining that the items are " junk" and "rubbish."

    Only because I had paid by paypal I was able to get most of my money back minus shipping and restocking fees. Customs gave me my money back minus admin fees. I lost about 300-400 dollars de to bidz.com
    They didn't replay to my email telling them I was returning the stuff because it was plastic junk and that they had ripped me off.



    In fact why would anyone who got lucky and had no problem with bidz.com even come on a scam website. You wouldn't even think about doing so as you weren't scammed. Just proves all the positive commnets here are not from people who like bidz as they have had no problem. Its from employees lile Excellent said!!!!
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for providing us with your feedback about the experience you had with us as it helps us to improve our service for our customers. We would like to apologize that you were not satisfied and that we did not meet your expectations. Our policy has changed tremendously over the past year. We do not have restocking fee anymore, we offer 100% money back guarantee within 30 days. Before, the restocking fee was waived, only on items that were damaged or not as described. Now, regardless of the reason, customers get a full refund. Also, we would like to assure you that we do not have agents posting on our behalf. We prefer to devote our efforts to reaching out to our customers on forums like this to directly to address these serious concerns. If you have questions regarding this post or any other concerns we would like to hear from you at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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    Re: bidz.com

    Quote Originally Posted by urfune View Post
    :madgo: Bidz added 1000.00 of items I DID NOT WIN to my account after the auction closed. They send you an email after the item closes and offer the item to you at an inflated price. I just deleted the emails becaue I did not want to buy the outrageous items. They added them to my account! When I told them of the error, they said that unless you go in and delete them, they charge you for them...HuH? When I cancelled the order they charged me $200.00 dollar cancellation fee for something I DID NOT ORDER! What a SCAM
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about your purchase and we offer our sincere apologies that you were unsatisfied with your experience. After reading your response, we looked into your account because we keep logs each contact youve had with us in case we need to be reminded of how an event like the one you described unfolded. Our records show you contacted us on 2/9/2011 requesting to cancel both of your layaways. At this time you were reminded by the representative about the 20% cancelation fee that is specified at checkout and the layaways were canceled as requested. The canceled layaway orders contained special offers that are listed in a Special Offers section in your shopping cart. You can add these to your shopping cart by clicking the add to cart button. They cannot be paid for unless the add to cart selection is made. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this post or any other issue you might have please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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    Re: bidz.com

    okay guys, i just opened this account just right now to reply about bidz.com
    i did my research before joining this site, i saw alot of compliments and alot of complains about bidz.com.. so i just had to join and experience it myself. anyway, i joined like last week and i placed some bids and won some auctions that i was interested to. READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU BET! readdd the description people! dont just look at the picture and the retail price.. i saw some items that had high retail price, but it didnt have much quality in them.. so read the description before you bet.
    anyway, i live in canada, so i purchased two items and i just got a call from fedex saying my item is here, i just have to pay for taxes and stuff.. which i will go to the location tomorrow since i ordered another package 2 days ago and it should be arriving tomorrow at the same place so ill be picking up both at the same time. For people who are in canada, the shipping is alot. I paid 45 dollars for shipping with fedex and i will have to pay 23 dollars for taxes when i pick up my package, so 67 in total just for shipping. But it arrived as it said on the time so im happy with the shipping time.
    this is my first time trying out bidz.com and i hope it goes well. I will pick up my jewllery tomorrow and i will take it to a jewllery store to check everything about the items. I will update you guys on this tomorrow when i get them and check them with my jewller.
    another thing... i saw MANY posts regarding BBB ranking bidz.com as F.... i checked it myself and they are ranked A+ and they only had 74 complaints about bidz.com... you dont believe me? check it out urself: http://www.la.bbb.org/business-revie...ty-CA-13099007
    anyway, ill keep u guys updated about my products tomorrow when i get em.

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    Re: bidz.com


    I have been buying from Bidz com for the last couple of months.
    and I will say most of my items I have been pleased with. I do not buy expensive items(being a pensioner) but just small gifts for family and friends.
    I have read so many negative reports for Bidz com but want to give my two pence worth. If you know what you are buying and
    checked the prices elsewhere you cannot go wrong.
    I mostly buy on the $1 no reserve, the other part is when there is a reserve and even if you win,most of the time you do not get the item but are given a choice of buying it at a special price. I find these are too expensive for me so just buy small items.
    I enjoy my shopping experience with them and will continue to buy from them. I am in know way affiliated with Bidz Com and I am sure they are even unaware of me, seeing I only buy small inexpensive items. I think they are good.

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    Re: bidz.com

    I've made several purchases from Bidz.com and have loved them all. So far, to date, I've found no issue with them.

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