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    Summer Guest

    Has anyone made any money?

    Has anyone gotten paid from the world greatest vitamins? Just wondering I signed up sold to seven people and now I've sold nothing in over a month. I still need to sell to 13 more people to get paid so I haven't made my money yet, but just wondering if anyone has made money from them or am I just wasting my time?

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    Re: Has anyone made any money?

    Hey Summer,

    I joined this program in 3/05 and got 15 orders between March and July in 2005 for the vitamins and 1 order for the Weight Loss Pills for a total of 16 orders. Got no other orders after that time. :confused:

    I still advertise this program, but not as much.

    If you want to PM me I have recently signed up with a really good affiliate program. Have not made any money as yet, but I did get 4 affiliate signups rather quickly. This program is totally free ( NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES) and it has potential.


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