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    Warning about 1-800-PATCHES

    Just wanted to let you all know not to order from this company if you don't intend to pay them. I was trying to get a home loan the lady gave me a copy of my credit report and those *****es report one order that I done three freakin times. So if you do order from them you know they can find you and report on you credit.

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    Re: Warning about 1-800-PATCHES

    1800 patches.. now.. is that the name of the offer or the company? How can someone put something on your credit report for like, trial crap???

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    Re: Warning about 1-800-PATCHES

    That is just nuts. I cant belive they can do that. That is just dumb. But if you cancel can they still do that? I would be disputing that.

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    Re: Warning about 1-800-PATCHES

    I thought the same thing too since I never give them my social but I guess with my address too that was all they needed to nail me and I didn't cancel so.

    Just do it in and imaginary friends name.

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