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    Freethechildrencoalition? From what??

    Greetings People, Yes this person stole thousands of dollars when She took off with my merchandise, I have yet to forget about it, Now She's all over the Net asking for $$ to be donated through "PayPal"?? I forgive her but have not forgotten about it, Its been a while now but I still see Her Name on the Web decieving People for services for Childrens Coaliton? Give me a break, Help with Credit Services? give me a break, Notary of the Public? & on & on, Anyway I have my proof, But what about you, Did She help you in any way? Did She straighten your Credit out, I saw an advertisement for that, She's all over the Web, Don't even own Her own Domain Name which only costs $1.99 :) Man this girl is a serious trip, For 2012 now your offering $275. Prize Winnings at your Raffle, Yet it says your charging approximently $275. for each admission? Its time to wake up 4 me, I honestly dont think She has helped anyone for anything She claims to do, Just continue to collect Peoples hard earned money through "PayPal" for Donations that I believe She gets Her Hair, Nails, Clothing Cleaned, Uses for Gas, Car payments, Rent and what ever else, Yes I heard She lost Her Kids which started this sherade of b/s several years back, Ohh I can make money off this from others who were unfortunate I bet She thought which is soo considerate, Till this day I still have Documentation on you belinda, Ms Miller, Faith, Ms. Odella, Ms Putanen or whatever your Name is, Man that wore me out just thinking about it, Anyway, This is my personal opinion and experience with this Fake person, Good luck to any one who deals with Her, But I'm almost 99% sure your simply throwing your hard earned money away, and paying to supoort this persons cost of living, I lost thousands, How much are you giving away to Indivduals like this, Well thats all the time I feel She deserves from me for now, By the way, She will be getting a soon 2 B 2012 Judgement for the several thousands of Dollars She took from me soo!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!

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    Re: Freethechildrencoalition? From what??

    Because LED Light is connecting use, the specific length that each lamp can be connected have a great relationship with the thickness of the design and the line width and copper. Because the LED Bulb unit area current withstand intensity is related to the cross-sectional area and the line, if not taken into account when routing it, then when the connection withstand exceeding the line current, the lights will be fever because of over current, damage to the circuit board at the same time, and also reduces the LED life. 2, the production process issues: myledgrowupanty 141010

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