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    Tradingpost.com.au and Paypal scam


    I have put an add on tradingpost.com.au to sell out some furniture items and I have been contacted by an e-mail address saying that she wanted to buy all of them at my agreed price. In order to proceed with her payment, she asked me to create a paypal account, which I did, and after creating an online invoice on paypal.com, I received a counterfeited e-mail, with Paypal logo asking me to go and pay $ 1300 to Western Union in favour of a transport company in order to receive my money for the furniture. Her e-mail address address is [email protected]. Please make sure this does not happen to other people who may actually believe it and go and pay this scammer.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Tradingpost.com.au and Paypal scam

    Thanks for posting up the information on that scammer.

    Making a scammer's scam googlable on every scam-warner-anti-fraud-busting site you can find is a great way to slow that scammer down when a suspicious potential victim goes looking for information, finds your post containing the name the scammer is using, his email address, phone number and the emails themselves and then that potential victim does not become a scam victim because you took the time "get the word out".


    Wasting a scammer's time legally and safely is called "scambaiting". If you google that word, you will find sites where you can read scambaits, post up the emails and email addresses of scammers, post up a fake website, read up on how to alert a hosting company that they are hosting a fake website, ask questions and learn all about the hobby of scambaiting.
    Found a scam or scammer's email address? Post it at scamwarners.com
    Found a romance scam? Post it at romancescam.com

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