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    Companies from Monster.com

    Hello! I'm new here and I'm so glad to find this site... *hugs it*

    Anyways, I put my resume out @ Monster.com and got a few replies from different companies. I'm not sure if these are legit. If anyone recognizes any of these letters, I would appreciate any word of advice.. Thank you!!


    Dear Carla,

    I recently viewed your resume online and feel you may be perfect for the Administrative Assistant position we are seeking to fill. We are Knightbridge, an online company that does advertising and lead generation for corporate clients. We generate leads by advertising with companies such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Overture among others.

    The Administrative Assistant position is responsible for the following:

    Logging in Customer Results
    Handling Correspondence for our sales team
    Scheduling travel for 3 executives
    The Administrative Assistant will work with 2 - 3 busy executives. You may work from our office or telecommute (this will be discussed in detail at your interview)

    We offer the following compensation package for the Administrative Assistant position

    Highly competitive salary
    Bonus Structure that can be up to 15% of base salary
    Full Benefits Package including medical and dental insurance
    Tuition Reimbursement
    2 weeks annual paid vacation
    Rapid Growth opportunities
    Paid holidays and sick days
    Retirement Package (401k)
    If you are interested in pursuing this position please visit the link below (if the link is not working please copy and paste the address into your browser).

    Instant Human Resources.com

    Once you have completed the online application I will contact you within 2 - 3 days.

    John Hester
    Another one:

    Dear Carla,

    I have recently viewed your resume online and feel you may be right for one of our expert positions.

    We are Kasamba.com, an online information and advice company. As an expert in your field you would work from home on your computer and answer questions from our customers.

    As an expert you set your own schedule. You may work as many or as few hours as you like. Our experts are paid $30/hour ($.50 per minute) to start and may increase from there.

    We are looking for Experts in the following categories

    Arts and Creative Services
    Coaching and Personal Development
    Spirituality and Religion
    Computers and Programming
    Education and Tutoring
    Health and Medicine
    Business and Finance
    Arts and Creative Services
    Legal Services
    Home and Leisure

    If you feel qualified to give advice on any of these topics you may apply online at the following site


    Once I receive your application I will review it and contact you directly within 1 or 2 business days.


    Justin Palmer

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    sorethroat Guest

    Re: Companies from Monster.com

    You may have noticed the similarity between them.

    Now do board Search with this line: recently viewed your resume online

    Read and find very similar letters from: Instant Human Resources, Kasamba Careers, Toospoiled, Good Grade Zone, Impact Worldwide, Blue Star Careers, Princeton Consulting Affiliates, LaJeunesse, Dave Mason Power Seller, Employee News Wire, ENW Jobmatch, Applications Inc, Corbin Watson, Palmer Employment, New Media Inc., Kray Group, Grey Marketing Team.

    And more http://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=UT...+resume+online

    From what I have read, all this spam is sent by a scammer named Ayman Ahmed El-Difrawi or Alec Defrawy.

    This is real fascinating stuff. Like a puzzle, shattered all over the Internet.
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    Re: Companies from Monster.com

    Thank you for your reply.

    I'll search and read up on that. :)

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    Re: Companies from Monster.com

    I replied to Kasamba and Palooza with my resume. Somehow I found my self desparate for a responce from any employer and sent my resume without doing any background check. But I did notice that these two sites were identical and that the responce letters were identical, almost exactly, from the human resources department. That tipped me off to do a google search on them and voila I find Scam.com I overlooked the low level of sofistication of the site for legitimacy. Be careful.

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