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    Online Business Systems

    Online Business Systems is a back office system worn by some Herbalife distributors. I would wait far away if not you have a great desire to sell Herbalife products and if you want to do that, then bypass Online Business Systems completely and presently sell the product with no their expensive back office. I've known a number of people who used this system and some did OK with it, but generally most of them felt it was too expensive

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    Re: Online Business Systems

    thanx for the warning. they need to use different name because people run away screaming when they hear "herbalife".

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    Re: Online Business Systems

    Just so everyone knows, I am not working for Herbalife or OBS. I have a degree in Business Marketing as well as Economics and have been involved in Internet Marketing for a number of years. I am also very active in sports and quite health conscious, so this adds to my analysis of this topic.

    Herbalife is a great company that offers incredible products. Many people call them over priced, and say you can get the same at any store. I have done my research and this is simply not true. You would need to buy multiple products elsewhere to get what you would with one through Herbalife. This means that in the end you would be paying far more for the store bought products. As a company, Herbalife has come a long way over their 30 plus year history. They sponsor many sporting events, athletes and even teams (LA Galaxy soccer and AC Milan to name two). They also do an awful lot within the communities around the world.

    As for OBS, I have done my research on them too, as I went through the process myself. From what I saw, this system is very sound and extensive. You benefit from many peoples experience and knowledge which provide you with very valuable tools in which to do your business. I am not sure of the total costs, however the numbers that I was relayed were extremely reasonable for what you are getting, and as business expenses go, the start up costs are not high what so ever.

    Keep in mind that this is a Multi-Level Marketing business and is not suited for everyone. As a business it should not be taken lightly and you must give your best effort consistently for it to succeed.

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    Re: Online Business Systems

    Not me!! I've been using Herbalife products since this past January and I'm an Herbalife Distributor through Online Business Systems. Products have changed my life as has the business!! I have never had so much energy! I've lost 37lbs since January. My husband suffers from a heart condition and he's using their heart health products. My 85yr old mom has suffered from severe leg cramps for years and now using their h3o hydrate drink hasn't had leg cramps for over a month!! As for the business end--if you work it, it WILL work. Can't give up before 'the miracle happens'

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    Re: Online Business Systems

    That is some great information. Thanks for posting. I might have found myself falling into their trap when trying out affiliate marketing in future.

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