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    Charles Barkley Weight Watchers Scam

    Charles Barkley's microphone wasn't off during a commercial break at a basketball game. The dumb idiot was quoted as saying:

    "I've been doing Weight Watchers for three months. I have to lose two pounds a week. I'm at 38 pounds now. They come and weigh me every two weeks. I ain't never missed a weigh-in. Never going to," he told fellow announcers Reggie Miller and Kevin Harlan

    "But I ain't giving away no money. I'm not giving away no free money," he added. " I thought this was the greatest scam going-getting paid for watching sports, this Weight Watchers thing is a bigger scam."

    "I come from Alabama, a state that has struggled with obesity for years," he said in a press release announcing his endorsement. "I mean it is the heart of the South - we love food. Now that I'm following Weight Watchers, I'm learning a whole new way to eat. Not only can I keep eating my favorites like meatballs and chicken wings, but I've discovered a world of new foods that are helping me to shed the pounds. I have eaten more fruit and vegetables in the past few months than I have in the past 30 years."

    Charles has been linked to INSANE gambling, alleged hookers, drunk driving, the dumbest commentary in the history of basketball, and is a mooshmouth. Is he really the best person to be a spokesman for Weight Watchers?

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    Re: Charles Barkley Weight Watchers Scam

    Interesting, to say the least.

    Is there a link to this proclamation by Sir Charles? I'm sure Weight Watchers is cashing in on the insecurities of males now by using him as their spokesperson. Obviously, they didn't choose the smartest person to keep their secret.

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