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    appointment setting with salesleadpros.com

    Sales leads Outsourcing Written on June 30, 2011 by Giaspacemsp in Just another Rant

    We just finished an appointment setting campaign with a company called www.salesleadpros.com . This post has 2 purposes, 1 to inform other MSP/IT Firms to stay far away from Frank Panagiotidis (SalesLeadpros) and the 2nd to see if anyone is having any success with these types of companies in the MSP/IT space.
    Reason for not recommending Frank and his company is that they are unprofessional and did not deliver on the agreement. We did the 2 week trial that he offers for $2100 and that was to see how he guarantees 20 appointments a month. Frank supplies the list of qualified business and calls on them. We were under the impression these were companies looking for MSP/IT services not cold calling. After 2 days we received our first report and no one was interested. While reviewing the excel sheet that Frank provided with the leads they called on, I knew right away we had a disconnect on the objective. We had a conference call to discuss why fast food companies and other IT companies were on the list they were calling on. Frank was very defensive and said that was the list and if we wanted them to call on another list to go ahead and provide that. I asked Frank since he was selling this as a MSP appointment setting service should’nt he have know that list was garbage and seemed it came from the phone book, his response was dancing around the question and said he could pull another list for $600 even though the list was part of the service. The conversation ended short by Frank informing us it was 5:00 and he had 30 minute drive to get home instead of answering questions…
    It does not get any better from there so the rant ends but these are the bullet points

    1. Never delivered the recorded calls as promised, asked several times

    2. Does not take credit cards

    3. Does not have a professional
    system of reporting results or daily activity

    4. On the 2 people out of the 2500 leads that wanted more info, did not even bother to call to let us know

    5. After the 2 weeks was done did not even bother calling me

    6. When asked a direct question would Skirt the answer and never address the question

    7. His call list that he provides is something you can pull out of a phone book (Holiday Inn, Mcdonalds, KFC, Dunkin Doughnuts) The target given to him was SMB 50-100

    8. We had to purchase a list on our own to send to Frank to call since his list wasted a week of calling non-qualified companies (cost $125)
    In closing prior to hiring, we called his 1 MSP reference he had and they stated they did 1 campaign with Frank and did not renew after, said Frank kept to his word but they are trying other things (can be friend for all we know). We also searched the Internet and Frank Panagiotidis and salesleadpros does not come up anywhere except for some minor disputes with BBB (B- rating) and Frank’s listings for Sales people. Did not know he did not accept credit cards till after signing but felt comfortable with Frank because he was following up and seemed to care. We called other Sales companies and they wanted to keep price a mystery or was not right for us. Frank’s phone calls show he is a great salesperson but just not for his customers. Since most rants on the internet are 1 way and biased I will be linking my email thread with Frank so the visual will give both sides.




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    Re: appointment setting with salesleadpros.com

    My company just finished a campaign with Frank and SalesLeadPros.com

    I couldn't agree more with this post.

    Stay away from them company they provide nothing valuable and you will waste your money.

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    Re: appointment setting with salesleadpros.com

    Yes, once Frank Panagiotidis has taken the money in advance:2gunsfiring_v1: he seems to become unreachable. We suffered from fake appointments that were set up. Stay away from this pirate.


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    Re: appointment setting with salesleadpros.com

    Frank Panagiotidis is a scam artist.

    Stay away from salesleadspro.com at all costs.

    I entered into an agreement for him to complete 325 leads, not a single one was done properly. He asked for "interact" payment up front, which cant be reversed. Initially he tried getting away with only calling 200 leads, until I caught on in his "sales report". He not only tried pulling that fast one, but calls were only made once, when we had agreed to a minimum of 3. If the lead wasnt there, he considered the job done.

    I demanded a refund, which wasnt given. I should have read these forums in advance, because there are countless sites that have the same information about this guy. Luckily I was only scammed $525, others have been taken for much more.

    Overall hands down one of the most dishonest small business operators I have ever dealt with. Complete scam

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    Re: appointment setting with salesleadpros.com

    Frank Panagiotidis and SalesLeadPros.com do not provide any value to their clients. Stay away from this company. Make sure you do some searching of their reputation on the internet and it is clear Frank is just a salesman. This is not a reputable company.source: http://es-la.facebook.com/permalink....37494092957041
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    Re: appointment setting with salesleadpros.com

    DO NOT UTILIZE THEIR SERVICES! This company is absolutely terrible at what they do. They promise quality over quantity but after I paid them for 50 hours of service I didn't get ONE quality lead. I mean if they really did what they claim they did then it would be a statistical impossibility not to get a couple of good leads or meetings. I asked them for a partial refund because I understood he had to pay people on his staff that he claimed did the work and his response was completely rude. After trying to be nice about it I told him I would let everyone else know how terrible of a job they do and he didn't seem to care. So here it is! I am a financial advisor and I would wholeheartedly recommend using another provider for lead generation and cold calling then these guys. If I could give them negative stars for their service then I would.....Source: http://www.yelp.com/biz/salesleadpros-richmond-hill

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    Re: appointment setting with salesleadpros.com (qualified-salesleads.com)

    qualified-salesleads.com lists same owner as salesleadpros.com verified by the following: >

    identical website design as of july 2012,

    same slogan,

    one site is linked to the other,

    same tel # number 347 281 7453,

    same owner Frank P. as per web registrar,

    same locality north of Toronto,

    same lead generation service,

    same tel # (416) 670-7240
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