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    alumnisearchnet is a scam

    If you ever feel like pulling out infomration on your previous college pals do not try alumnisearchnet.com. What they do is tell you that unlike any other similar sites, you can join for free and then when you find who you're looking for the site will not show you the info found until you subscribe and pay. So I tried a serious of meaningless characters in first, last and school name fields and guess what! My search according to them had matches but I had to pay to see the results! So do yourself a favor and don't go there. Cheers.

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    Re: alumnisearchnet is a scam

    It sure seems to be a scam Beyond the claim of finding a person of the name FGTFGTF FGHAS

    They, upon signing up(which I did), appear to have no entry options for USERNAME, PASSWORD or VERIFICATION CODE.

    Also, there's no link to opt out on the "100 percent guarantee", and it seems that once signed up, the terms(turms(sp) of use(I was trying to check on the guarantee), is no longer viewable or available.

    There's absolutely nothing about this site that doesn't look fraudulent, to me.
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