I want to send out a word of caution to others who are trying to sell their own products on the internet. I am trying to get my own biz off the ground,..so to speak. I have not got my biz set up for credit card payments or paypal as of yet so I have been only taking Money Orders or Cashiers Check. A person,....using the name Emma Randle,...sent me a large cashiers check for a large order. I took it to the bank & cashed it. I did not use any of the money for 14 days. Then I used it to buy supplies,..etc & then I recieved a phone call stating that this cashiers check was a reproduction & the bank on the check was non-existent! How can a bank not catch that right away? Anyway,....I can not get my money back on the supplies or other spending costs. So,....I am stuck with too much stock & have to replace the money! The only good thing that came out of this is the fact that I would not ship the order for 4-6 weeks. So,...if you have a person by that name to contact you,...do not trust him. He is a scammer & a liar! :mad: