DO NOT TRADE WITH MICRONICS LTD in Indonesia!! The man responsible is a scamming thief!

Their electronics company is a member of many prominant trading databases, and the company possesses many very 'official' looking websites with stock lists and prices.

My enquiries were answered politely and in good english. They fowarded me a 'certificate of registration' in an attempt to prove to me that Micronics Ltd was a legitimate company along with an 'invoice'.

Once I was satisifed I purchased goods to the value of $300 USD. On receipt of my payment, Micronics stopped replying to my emails which I sent multiple times. A few weeks past and I rang the man who was now obviously pretending he could not speak English and who infuriatingly kept telling me he could not understand. I eventually got him to promise to send the goods I had purchased. A few weeks past and nothing - back to square one. After a series of phone calls which consisted of him pretending not to understand, feeding me rubbish about stock problems, and making fake promises I gave up.

This is how these scammers work - there is no end to it and they lead you in circles until you give up. I am now out of pocket to that money.

I also heard back from the Indonesian consulate here who told me the certificate of company registration Micronics sent me is a forgery and is fake.

Much to my dismay they still have websites up and running looking to scam more people. Do not be fooled by this manipulative theiving company who preys on other people's trust.

They have been reported to the authorities and hopefully posts like this one will stop other people loosing out!