I was told my Saturn was a total loss. Findlay Auto Body in Vegas told them so. Jeff swore it would never be on the roag again except in parts on other cars. They were given my title and my insurance paid me, much less then it was worth. Case closed, right? I had an uneasy feeling all month. So I did a Carfax(love them) and sure enough, a Junk Title was issued the day I gave it to Findlay, and it was sold in Utah, just up the road from Vegas where I live. Funny. Findlay has all the dealerships in our region, including where my car is now. My car wasn't smashed that bad, not major damage. I begged to have it fixed, but was told it was beyond repair and would never roll downt he road again.
Has anyone else had this happen?? I feel a scam. They are making $$. I loved my car, I didn't want a new car. I was lied to, I was scammed into allowing them to call it totalled!!