This is to warn everyone that is looking for a puppy that there are scam non-profits on petfinder.
Petfinder itself is NOT a scam and they are very helpful once a bad rescue is uncovered. they will take them off their site.

If you are looking for a puppy in your area and there is a rescue that has mainly puppies and they happen to be the popular breeds: all the "designer" mutts, all the little dogs like chihuahuas, labs, beagles,.... Walk away!
Two years ago i put someone in jail because he pretended to be a "non-Profit Rescue group" for animal welfare and he collected donations and lots of money for the "rescued" puppies he sold out of a daycare.
Turns out he is on probation for fraud and the puppies he sold were imported, mostly from out of state, and from so called "puppy mills" aka mass production facilities in which they are breeding dogs until they drop with no regards to their health or well being.

Please be aware that 90% of the pet stores are getting their goods from places like that too. The evidence can be found in the Department of Agriculture Shipping records. This is where their puppies really come from and not what they tell you. Usually they ensure you that they are from this lovely breeder just an hour outside of town.

Everyone can buy their dogs wherever they want to. I am not trying to be a tree hugger here. All i am saying is:
Be careful and don't let them fool you!
I have seen many cases where people had to put their dogs down or they simpy died because they were sick when they got them. and there is no law to protect you.
There are lots of good rescue organizations out there - be smart about it and don't support the ones that just want your money.