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    Motor Car Concepts Sucks

    This company only sells cars that have been through very serious accidents and deliberately lies to their customers regarding the vehicle history. They refuse to provide Car Fax reports because of this. They promise you a certain payment per month and report to their finance company that you agreed to pay more than double what was promised. They tell you when you purchase the car that you have a 3 month, 3000 mile warranty, but if something goes wrong on the vehicle they inform you that the warranty was only a 30 day warranty and they are no longer held responsible. The staff is extremely rude and disrespectful. They have a great attitude when you are interested in purchasing a car, but once you find out that you have been ripped off, their attitude changes and they refuse to talk to you. They lie to you to get you to drive up to their lot and once you enter the building they will send 3-4 people out to your car to go through it and install GPS tracking without your permission. or knowledge of their plan to literally break into your car. I am paying 21,000.00 for a vehicle that originally wasn't to go over 15K. In less than TWO months, the check engine light is on, the emergency brake doesn't work, the transmission slips, doesn't shift correctly into 2nd gear, HALF THE CAR IS PAINTED BROWN ON A BLACK CAR but yet it hasn't been in an accident. I think they purposely do not turn the lights on in the lot to prevent you from noticing flaws, but once you take the keys, you're in for a very stressful 3 years. The car is less than 3 years old. They tell you that after 6 months of current payments, you can trade your vehicle in for a newer one, but forget to inform you that they are TAKING your car and you eat all of the previous payments you put in and you are forced to make another down payment to even be considered for another vehicle.

    This is absolutely the worst car dealership I have ever gone through and I have owned 12 vehicles within the past 10 years. I was approved from the Mercedes dealership right up the street from this company, but for some reason I trusted the staff when I met them and fell into their scam. This is not a company that you want to get involved with and they have done this very exact thing to all of their customers. Do your research before considering this company. I wouldn't consider this company again even if I was desperate and walking my kids to school 20 miles each day.

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    Re: Motor Car Concepts Sucks

    When I bought my 2016 five-seated Toyota Corolla insurance and GPS tracking service both installed same time. They were connected with gps fleet tracker Gofleet and provided that service instantly. Of course I had to pay for that. :-)

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    Re: Motor Car Concepts Sucks

    My old gps system started to lag and I began searching something new with good interface, functionality, and of course price. I saw a bunch of navigators but they were only well advertised but when it came to performance, they didn't satisfy me. But on this site https://topcarmaster.com/best-gps-for-truckers/ I found quite useful information written in plain words and that's what really helped me to choose the right GPS tracking device.

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