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    Ron Paul will be the first REAL AMERICAN PRESIDENT

    Ron Paul will be the first REAL AMERICAN PRESIDENT the US has had in over 25 years -- since Ron Reagan.Vote for another Ron for the win.

    Vote for another Ron for more America!

    Vote for Ron Paul to bring America out of the depression!

    Vote for Obama for more lies and tax-raping by the Democrats.

    Vote for Romney or Gingrich or Perry for more tax-raping by R3publican banksters.

    Vote for a REAL AMERICAN PRESIDENT: Ron Paul.

    There is good reason why the 'establishment' is terrified of Ron Paul. It is because he will undo their NEW WORLD ORDER and can their FEDERAL RESERVE and kick out the UNITED NATIONS.

    Vote for a REAL AMERICAN PRESIDENT. The first since Ronald Reagan.:aoyagi::judges:

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    Re: Ron Paul will be the first REAL AMERICAN PRESI

    Sorry to have to bring you the news, but, voting for Wrong Paul will not do anything but waste your vote, even if he got elected.

    He would have his hands tied by the Congress and the Senate. It would become an even bigger stalemate in D.C. than it is now.

    Can't say I disagree with all of his ideas, but even at that he doesn't have a chance in making any profound changes.

    The banking industries and the major corporate concerns will always dictate the end rules and how the money flows, not one politician, or one party for that matter.

    Do you know that the Federal Reserve has given out over 16 Trillion in 0% loans beginning in 2007 to international mega corporations and foreign banks. That is more than the United States owes.

    Now every party and every candidate wants to make cuts to spending in domestic programs. None of them can agree to where or to how much, but they all agree that cuts have to be made and that the average everyday taxpayer is the one that will ultimately foot the bill. So not only will you have to pay for the cuts with some form of higher taxation down the road, but in the meantime you will enjoy cuts to programs like Medicare, and Social Security.

    No one is offering to call in the 16 Trillion in zero percent loans that were so easily given out to foreign banks and corporations. If these loans were paid back the United States wouldn't have any immediate need for cuts or raising taxes.

    16 Trillion could pay off the American National Debt and have enough left over to stimulate job growth by constructing and improving mass transit nationwide, and still have enough for politicians to reroute to their favorite lobbies and friends.

    Politics sicken me, but the people that hold and decide where and what happens to the money is even more despicable. Maybe they are united and we just do not realize to what extent. But according to each and every party it is always the other one that is stealing the money and spending it unwisely.

    The loans began with Bush in office but they have continued with Obama in office and if Paul was in office I am guessing it would still continue, because if you do not read between the lines, the party in power and the president in power, does not control the money and even if Ron Paul was in power he could not change that, even if he wanted to.

    Added note:
    Congress claims that they did not know about the loans.

    Now, how could the U.S. make loans of this tremendous amount to foreign countries without anyone knowing in Congress? It is very hard to understand.

    And when the people gave out these loans did it cross their minds once that maybe instead of loaning the money to instead pay off the debts first? Or use the money to create new industries in the United States that could compete with countries like China? Not likely.
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    Re: Ron Paul will be the first REAL AMERICAN PRESI

    Quote Originally Posted by TRUECRISTIAN View Post
    Ron Paul will be the first REAL AMERICAN REICH WING FETISH the US has had in over 25 years -- since Ron Reagan.
    Vote for another Reich Wing graven image / fetish. The first since Ronald Reagan.:aoyagi::judges:
    Paul will never be president and your boys will be the ones who see to that bub.
    Yeah, but hey, we're white!
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    Re: Ron Paul will be the first REAL AMERICAN PRESI

    The President is the Comander in Chief and can order the troops home. That is one thing he can 100% do. He can close every base we have overseas and bring all those troops with all their money back to the USA. Maybe we could build a base along the worst parts of the Mexican border! Ron Paul would make big changes, maybe not all he would like but he could do enough to make a huge difference. George Washington lead the troops and had to have 100% control, this has never changed.

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    Re: Ron Paul will be the first REAL AMERICAN PRESI

    Quote Originally Posted by iamwil View Post
    The leading thing that concerns me now about Ron Paul is that TrueChristian supporsts him.
    I lol'ed at that one

    Honestly, I think Obama is going to get in again. I don't think he has any "strong enough" competitors. I think Obama really did mean to bring change.. but he was too weak and found his hands tied.
    Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. - Buddha.

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